Human Resources

“From our point of view, human is not only our resource, but our most valuable asset.”

Our human resources department has been established in order to cover and to efficiently use the labor force that is needed by our institution.

We, as Medical Center;

  • believe in the continuity of training
  • believe in the necessity of team work in order to attain service quality
  • keep customer satisfaction and high quality service approach above everything

Let’s work together if you believe in;

  • being specialized in the field of Home Health Care,
  • improve yourself with continuous training,
  • being and essential part of the company,
  • further improve the standards regarding the Home Health Care services,
  • Providing patient satisfaction by means of high quality and reliable service delivery

Medical Center believes that the most important factor in the improvement of service is you, namely our employees.

Open positions

  • Home Care Nurse
  • Intensive Care Nurse
  • Oncology Nurse
  • Caregiver

Referenced Task

Personal Information

Name Last name
E-Mail Address
Marital Status
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Military Status
Mobile Phone
Home Phone
Business Phone
Correspondence Address
Do you have any disabilities?
Explain if your answer is yes.

Education Information

Educational Status
Name of University
If other University/Department
Date of Entry-Graduation
High School
Junior High School
Primary School

Business Information

If any, name the last 3 institutions you worked for and indicate the dates of start and end of employment..
Name of the Institution Position Start Date End Date
Computer Skills


Name Last Name Position Phone


CV file (.zip)
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