Home Health Care

Home Health Care Services are the protective and therapeutic services being rendered in a continuous, comprehensive and organized manner in coordination with the patient and the relatives as a combination of medical and social services.

Home Health Care Service

Home Health Care Service is one of the service areas of advanced healthcare. It is a service type that is rendered for the persons suffering from acute, chronic and permanent insufficiencies and their relatives that is being planned in accordance with their needs in order to

  • Maintain their independencies on the highest level possible,
  • Minimize their diseases and insufficiencies,
  • Protect and sustain health and provide rehabilitation.

 Protection and improvement of health are also crucial areas of home health care services.

Medical Center’s Home Care Services are configured in order to satisfy your needs with the expert and experienced staff. Our professional healthcare team is ready to answer your questions, take a weight of your mind and provide a safe environment for you.

The services we provide within the scope of home health care services Include but not limited to the following:

  • Physician Service
  • Nursing Service
  • Newborn Nursing Service / Newborn Training
  • Caregiver Service
  • Short-Term Nursing Services (Transfusion, Injection, etc.)
  • Physiotherapy Service
  • Laboratory Service
  • Medical Device Rental and Sales
  • Imaging Services at Home (X-Ray, Ultrasound, Echo, etc.)
  • Sleep Apnea Studies at Home / Polysomnography

You can call Medical Center’s office 7/24 in order to have detailed information about our home health care services or to get our services. Our Care Services Supervisor will pay a visit to your home in order to determine your needs and design your customized home care service process. All of our staff designs the professional home care service processes together with you and attaches great importance to encouraging your full participation in the process.

Our main objective is contributing to your freedom and peace of mind in your living space, namely in your home. 

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