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Interventional Nursing Services at Home

Treatment and rehabilitation programs of the patients, orders and treatment administrations of the physicians, post-treatment follow-up and evaluation are carried out by Medical Center’s home care nurses and physicians.

Physician’s approval for the procedure to be administered, approval of the patient and the relatives, providing information about the procedure, sharing the potential side effects and taking precautions and the satisfaction of patient and relatives are important with regard to the interventional services.

Getting these services from the home health care institutions authorized by the Ministry of Health both protects the patient and the relatives against potential problems and ensures benefiting from the service in the most efficient way possible.

 Interventional Services by the Physician at Home;

  • Nasogastric catheter (food tube) administration
  • Urinary catheter administration
  • Paracentesis 
  • Wound care and wound debridement

 Interventional Services by the Nurse at Home;

  • Blood sampling
  • Injection services (IM, IV, SC injection)
  • IV serum administration and follow-up
  • Catheter administration and change
  • Dressing and wound care
  • Blood sugar and cholesterol monitoring
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Port catheter care and change
  • Colostomy care and change
  • Mother and newborn training
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