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Our long-term home nursing services comprises the provision of nursing care for the patients from all ages who are on acute, chronic and terminal stage at their homes or at any other environment.

Medical Center’s Home Care Nurses are the healthcare professionals who focus on the patients and their relatives as well as the caregiving individuals and plan, apply and evaluate the designed and standardized services to all patients in their own environments (regarding private nursing services, medical home and home care services). Home care nurses are our staff who are competent in effective communication, evidence based application and clinic decision making skills.

Medical Center’s home care nurses are our healthcare staff graduated from the Universities and Colleges of the Turkish Republic who have intensive care and home care experience whereas they get continuous in-service training

 How does the long-term nursing services process work?

  • Our senior home care service visits you in your hospital or home environment in order to evaluate your patient and listen to your demands.
  • Our senior home care service gathers information from you and the physician of your patient regarding the physical, psychological and social needs of your patient and shares with you what is necessary to be done regarding the home care process.
  • The home environment is evaluated for its compliance with the provision of services and the required conditions are established accordingly.
  • The medical devices and materials required for the home care are prepared and set up.
  • Private nursing service is organized for either 12 or 24 hours depending on the request of the patient’s physician and the needs of the relatives.
  • Our home care nurses are responsible for carrying out the treatment procedures ordered by the patient’s physician, meeting the social needs of the patient and filling the required forms on regular basis.
  • Our home care nurse informs the patient’s doctor and relatives about the process on a constant basis.
  • The performance status and the quality of service are being followed up during the term of service by our home care physicians and supervisor nurses by means of visits on regular basis.

 Intensive Care Service at Home

This service is configured in a manner to provide uninterrupted service for 24 hours by the experienced intensive care nurses and all types of required technical equipment and under the supervision of intensive care physician. The qualified treatment environment of the hospitals are being provided at home with all types of materials, medical devices and experienced intensive care nurses required for intensive care services at home.

The service is being audited on a constant basis by our physician or supervisor nurse in order to maintain and improve our service quality. Improving the living quality and comfort of your loved one and providing unconditional patient satisfaction is the essential priority of the Medical Center team and the home care nurses.

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