Medical CenterOur Values

Our Values

Attaching importance, respect and success are the core values of Medical Center. And such core values are in the center of everything we do.

Attaching Importance

In-Home Health and Care is a human relationship before anything else. Human relations require attaching importance and value. And mostly, it requires MAKING EFFORT. With this conscious and approach; we establish an emotion based bond with our employees, patients, relatives of patients and our solution partners, we listen to them and value them. As a matter of course we work by combining our emotions with our duties and aim to make difference in all spheres we establish communications.


There is mutual respect in the core of Medical Center’s corporate culture. Erich Fromm says ''Respect exists only on the basis of freedom, and love is the child of freedom''. We are conscious of the fact that your home is your private sphere and we respect the private sphere, life style and independence of your patients and their families. Each one of our employees are conscious of the codes of conduct whereas they are aware that the path to success passes through working, creating value, attaching importance and respect.


Life coach and author Tony Robins says ''There is no abiding success without commitment.'' Success is our main objective in the services that are provided with commitment by our employees at Medical Center. We invest in service quality, audit and employee trainings for our objective of success. Our employees are our greatest asset. We believe that the trainings we plan and realize for them carry us to success in terms of service and care quality. 

We attach importance to your feedbacks regarding our services and we measure our success with the feedbacks we receive from you.

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