The elderly and the disabled who need in-home caregiving, just-been mothers and their infants, the ones who need physiotherapy, psychotherapy… Home care is one of the healthcare services having a lack in Turkey… Only 5 months old “My Family” private healthcare company aims to fill this gap with its medical device bus, 100 nurses and 60 physicians.

70 years old Nevin Okur who resides in Caddebostan is a diabetes patient; she also have heart and vascular occlusion issues. Ms. Nevin one day falls down due to her medical condition and her little toe lacerates and almost snaps off. Her daughter Ms. Nebahat goes to the drugstore immediately. The pharmacist provides her with the phone number of Istanbul Medical Center. After the call, a physician and a nurse immediately pays a visit to their home and do the suturing. Ms. Nevin gets visited once in every two days and her medication is brought to her address without the need to go to the drugstore. There are actually hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of patients like Ms. Nevin Okur. Most of them do not even have a relative to go to the drugstore. In such cases the importance of social healthcare services is felt even more.

Istanbul Medical Center has established a company called ‘My Family’ 5 months ago in order to fill that gap. The company current has only one branch located on Bağdat Str. and provides services to entire Istanbul in order to cover the need, whereas it is the most comprehensive private health and care company in our company. It has only one branch, yet it has mobile teams formed by nurses and physicians on both Asian and European sides of Istanbul. Those teams come to your home upon a single call whenever you need. They produce solutions to your health issues and aid the ones who need care.

‘My Family’ currently employs 100 nurses and 60 physicians. However, it is planned for the staff to be expanded gradually. Medical device bus is equipped almost as well as a hospital. Almost all devices necessary are available on the bus: Ultrasound, X-Ray, MR, tomography devices, oxygen tube... The analyses are taken to the patients. Medical consultancy service is provided 7/24 by phone. Besides, they give trainings on the fields of first aid, mother-child, fire, occupational health and safety.

Dr. Tayyar Vardar from the managing board says that the idea of establishing such company has emerged from the huge deficiency in this field. He suggests that the they bring the service that is provided by the private hospitals to the doorstep of the patients who cannot go or does not want to the hospital. Vardar summarizes the importance of the training by saying “You can save a life if you know how to back blow."

The persons provided with the home care services are

The ones who need post-operative care, who have heart, vascular and BP issues, paralyzed patients who need rehabilitation, physician control and physiotherapy applications, the ones who have respiratory issues, diabetes patients who need training and treatment support, the ones who need neurological issues, the ones who have any condition that requires oxygen treatment, just-been mothers and their infant babies, the elderly and the disabled who need care, the ones who need wound care, injection and other nursing services, the ones who request vaccination, the ones who request to have the services such as physiotherapy, psychotherapy at home...


Foreign healthcare tourism

The number of people from U.S. and from EU countries, mainly from Spain and England, as well as from other countries in the world who wish to have healthcare services in Turkey due to the high rates of such services in their own countries is quite high. Upon this condition, Istanbul Medical Center aims to transfer the economic resources of the hospitals to patient treatment by means of the corporate marketing in the field of foreign healthcare tourism, thus to increase the quality and quantity of the services.

01 August 2010
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