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The studies published internationally concluded that the families seeking home care for their loved ones got a scare and concern. In a study conducted by a university concluded that families need to be more cautious about the training and supervision of the personnel who will render the service.

In actual fact, some home care centers may not provide the care that meets the expectations and needs of families. Many institutions fail to establish the accurate harmony between the caregiver and the patient and fail to provide adequate screening and training. This case often causes problems. Because unplanned and unpredictable needs makes it difficult to evaluate the service provider institution and the personal caregiver.

We, as Medical Center, suggest that families ask the following 10 questions to the service provider institutions in order to make sure they are getting a qualified, reliable home care service.

  1. Upon which criteria do you recruit your employees? How do you improve their skills? It is important to have at least 3 years of experience and to hold a caregiver certificate.
  2. Are the backgrounds of caregivers checked before you hire them? Such as criminal record
  3. Are the employees of your service providers insured? Many institutions that do not have home care license employ foreign nationals who do not have residence and work permit.
  4. Does the service provider institution give customized and continuous training to the employees? Such as Palliative Care Training, Dementia and Alzheimer’s training.
  5. What competencies do your caregivers have? Such as personal care skills, lifting and transfers, behavioral and cognitive support skills, etc.
  6. How do you assess what the caregiver is capable of doing? A good home care center evaluates each patient individually and appoints the caregiver depending on the caregiver’s qualifications.
  7. What is your policy on providing a substitute caregiver in case the caregiver personel is sick, on leave, etc.?
  8. If there is dissatisfaction with a caregiver, can he or she be replaced? A good home care service will work in cooperation with you in order to make you and your loved one happy and will not ignore your requests.
  9. Do you provide a consultant to evaluate the quality of home care? How frequently? Telephone communication and home visits must necessarily be realized in order to evaluate and supervise the quality of home care.
  10. What hours do you work as the institution? It is important to reach your institution whenever required. The institution providing 24 hours’ service must be preferred.

The families may not be aware of the questions to be asked. You can decide the home care you need by means of the correct questions you ask. We hope these questions help you to select a caregiver and to feel secure.

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