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It is a question that many families face. When does mom, dad or an elderly friend need home care services? How can you know the right time to get assistance? Is there a sign or warning about it?

Getting home care service for your loved ones may be difficult. No one wants to admit they have reached the point where they cannot take care of themselves. For many elderly adults, the thought of asking for help brings anxiety. If you ask them, they would not want to have a stranger at home. They usually associate asking for help with losing independence.

Your loved ones must feel that the authority to make a decision about getting home care service is on them. They must be told that they will be able to live in their home more actively, independently and safely. You need to make them understand that they will not have to run all of their errands by themselves and therefore you will be happy too. The health of your loved one is a major concern. If your loved one is not feeling well, they may be neglecting their needs. Keep an eye out for;

  • Spoiled food in the fridge
  • An empty pantry or fridge
  • Medication that has not been taken
  • Significant weight losses
  • Forgotten appointments
  • Loss of interest in hobbies and activities

It may be the time for health and social needs of your loved ones to be evaluated within the scope of home care services.

In our opinion as Medical Center "An accurately planned home care service is like a lifebuoy for your loved ones to have good time. That service brings independence in many elderly when combined with high quality healthcare."

We always encourage your loved ones who encounter with health problems to consult with their physicians.

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