With Medical Center, you can get all services that meet the health and social life needs of your loved ones at the comfort of your home, in peace and safety.

Medical Center Home Care and Health Services

Dr. Tayyar Vardar

Doc. Tayyar Vardar

Managing Director

He got graduated from Kdz. Ere?li TED College High School in 1980 and from the Medical Faculty of Marmara University in 1997. He provided services in his own clinic in Yalova between 1997 and 2000. He took active part in providing medical support during the Marmara Earthquake in 1999. Continue?

Derya Tuna

Derya Tuna

Operations Manager

Derya Tuna, who got graduated from the Faculty of Health Sciences of 19 May?s University in 2005, worked for ?stanbul Provincial Ambulance Services between 2005 and 2010, whereas she organized first aid trainings in numerous private education institutions. Continue?

Sahure Yalç?n

Sahure Yalç?n

Care Services Manager

After working at NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Units) and General Intensive Care Units of leading private hospitals in Istanbul, she continued performing her duties as the Head Nurse between 2008 and 2013 and as Assistant Manager of Healthcare Personnel between 2013 and 2015. Continue?

Medical Center, rendering services since 2009 as a ?Home Care Center? licensed by the Ministry of Health is a health institution that provides families with in-home health, care and training services throughout Turkey. Our homecare center has embraced approximately 20.000 parents and their relatives until present day.

Why should you prefer Medical Center?

You prefer Medical Center when you seek an experienced team that is capable of understanding you and developing most accurate solutions in a rapid manner.

Certified by the Ministry of Health

In-home health and care services may be provided only by health institutions!

Agreements with Private Health Insurance Companies

You may benefit from our in-home care and health services free-of-charge thanks to our agreements with all private health insurance companies.

7/24 Accessible Communication Service

You can contact use 7/24 in order to get information about our In-Home Care and Health Services.

Free Diagnosis Services

We schedule diagnosis, care and treatment services by means of our free pre-service visits.

Professional and Qualified Health Team

Usually 1 out of 50 applications is employed and such personnel receive continuous in-service training.

High Satisfaction Rate

Our customer surveys we conduct regularly and independently indicate the satisfaction rate of our patients as 98%.

Web Based Registration System

We integrate our services with technology in order to increase and measure our service quality.

Social Responsibility Projects

We make efforts to add value to the lives of your loved ones through the projects we develop in cooperation with Non-Governmental Organizations.

%98 Patient Satisfaction

Here, you can find the comments of our patients for Medical Center and have a better understanding on the features that distinct us from other institutions in terms of In-Home Health Services.

Hüseyin TOPA Retired General

Retired Major General: During the healthcare service I have received from you, the close attention of both your administration and your personnel towards me and the medical support provided by them have been praiseworthy. I would like to thank you in this regard.

Hüseyin TOPA

Fatih Kisaparmak 11.11.2016

I thank to the successful, qualified and polite expert staff in the person of Doc. Tayyar Vardar; and we congratulate you for having the principle of ?human first?.

Anadolu Saglik Merkezi 24.02.2017

We would like to thank to your care and support personnel for the polite and professional care they have provided for our patient.

Görkem Aykut 13.02.2018

I?m thankful to you for providing me with the treatment I need since 2 years ago, without making me have to get into the hospital environment and to lose from my working hours?