With the Medical Center, you can provide all the services you can meet the health and social life needs of your loved ones in peace and trust from the comfort of your home.

Medical Center Home Care and Health Services

Medical Center, which has been serving as a in Home Care Centera licensed by the Ministry of Health since 2009,is a healthcare Medical Center, Turkey home to family health in general, is a healthcare organization providing care and education services. Our home care center has reached approximately 20,000 patients and their families so far.

Dr. Tayyar Vardar

Doc. Tayyar Vardar

General Manager

He graduated from TED Karadeniz Ereğli College in 1980 and from Marmara University Faculty of Medicine in 1997. Between the years of 1997-2000 in Yalova served in his own clinic. During 1999 Marmara earthquake, he was active in the provision of health services. More...

Derya Tuna

Derya Tuna

Business Manager

Derya Tuna who was graduated from 19 Mayıs University Health Sciences in 2005, worked in Istanbul Provincial Ambulance Service between 2005-2010 and she organized first aid trainings in many private education institutions. More...

Sahure Yalçın

Sahure Yalçın

Home Care Services Manager

After working in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and General Intensive Care Units in the leading private hospitals of Istanbul, she was assigned as the Assistant Nurse (2008-2013) and as the Assistant Director of Healthcare Staff (2013-2015). More...

  • Care about

    Home Health and Care is, above all, a human relationship. Human relationship requires care and valuation. And most of all, it obliges EMEK to give. With this consciousness and approach; With our employees, patients, patients, relatives and solution partners, we are building emotion-based links, listening and caring for them.

  • Respect

    The Medical Center has a mutual respect environment on the basis of its corporate culture. Erich Fromm says: ç Respect exists only where there is freedom, and love is the child of freedom Er. We are aware that your home is your private space, and we respect the private areas, lifestyles and independence of your patients and their families.

  • Success

    Life coach and writer Tony Robins says,sun There is no great success if you don't have a great commitment.”Our main goal is the success of our Medical Center employees in the services they offer with their dedication. We are investing in service quality, supervision and training of our employees for our success goal.

Why Medical Center?

When you are looking for an experienced team who can understand you and produce the most accurate solutions in the fastest way, you prefer Medical Center.

Authorized by ministry of health.

Home health care services can only be carried out by health institutions!

Contracted with Private Health Insurances

As we are in agreement with all private health insurance, you can benefit from home health care services free of charge

7/24 Available service

For information about Home Health Care Services, please contact us 7/24

Diagnostic Services for free .

We offer personalized care and treatment through free visit before the start of the service

Professional Health Team

Often, only 1 person is recruited from 50 applications and they receive continuous in-service training.

High Patient Satisfaction

Regular and independent customer surveys determine the satisfaction rate of our patients as 98%.

Web Based Data Recording System

We integrate our services with technology to increase and measure our service quality.

Social responsibilty Projects

We cherish the lives of our loved ones with the projects we carry out with the NGOs.

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Satisfaction Rate

98% Satisfaction Rate

You can see our patients' comments for Medical Center here, and you can see what distinguishes us from other institutions in Home Health Services.

Hüseyin TOPA Retired Major General

During the health service that I received from you, both your management and your staff's close attention to me and the health assistance they offer has been praised for all kinds. I am grateful to you in this regard.

Hüseyin TOPA

Fatih Kısaparmak 11.11.2016

Successful, skilled and friendly expert staff, Thanks to Tayyar Vardar in person;we congratulatethem for having a "first human" understanding.

Anadolu Sağlık Merkezi 24.02.2017

Thank you very much for the service we provided to your care support staff for their friendly and professional support.

Görkem Aykut 13.02.2018

I am grateful that you have provided my treatment without losing time and time before entering the hospital environment for 2 years