Alzheimer Training

Alzheimer Training

Alzheimer’s Disease is an advancing and irreversible brain disease that causes a slow decline in memory, thinking and reasoning skills. The symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease show up in mid-60’s and the most common finding is dementia.

Usually the patients live with their families since Alzheimer’s is a chronic disease and for the reasons such as the patient cannot be left in the hospital for long periods and the institutions may not be satisfying.

Living with families may cause many problems to be encountered both by the patient and by the family members. The patients may have social, psychological and physiological problems depending on the stage of disease. According to the statement made by the caregivers, the patients most frequently have nutrition problems (82%), communication problems (80%), urinary incontinence problems (62%), hallucination problems (62%) and sleeping problems (56%). Besides, some studies have revealed that the caregivers have economic, social, psychological and educational difficulties. It is known that the level of depression and anxiety increases in the caregivers providing service to the patients with Alzheimer’s.

Another problem for the patients with Alzheimer’s is the adverse effect of hospitalization process. Many problems are encountered such as falling down, new incontinence development, bedsores, pain, behavioral problems, physical restraint, and increase in the agitation behaviors.

It is aimed by Medical Center’s Alzheimer Trainings for the general status of the patient and the relatives to be evaluated, providing information about the diseases and its complications and improving the skills of handling existing and potential problems.

As a result of the Alzheimer training programs

The caregiver providing the service, by considering the biopsychosocial integrity of the patient, gains important information and skills with regard to;

  • Meeting the daily living activity needs,
  • Expressing emotions, opinions, concerns and fears and learning the effective methods for handling the stress in order to relieve the stress and crisis situation,
  • The characteristics and course of disease, the improvement of communication skills between family members and the establishment of efficient social communication.

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