In-Home Care Support Personnel

In-Home Care Support Personnel

Medical Center’s Caregivers are the important participants of the service provider team during the in-home caregiving process. Our caregiver personnel hold in-home caregiver certificate, have at least 5 years of hospital or in-home caregiving experience and take in-service trainings on regular basis and carry out health checks. Our Caregiver Personnel are responsible for supporting the patients at hospital and/or at their homes in their daily activities, meeting their social needs and taking protective measures. In-Home Care Support Personnel

Our long term Caregiver services are provided as 12 hours’ / 24 Hours’ or live-in caregiver services.

In case of Caregiver service requests, our Home Care Supervisor visits you before the initiation of service. Makes the necessary evaluation regarding the medical condition of your patient, determines your needs and prepare your customized caregiver plan in order to assign the most suitable and competent personnel.

During the term of service, the Home Care Supervisor evaluates all of the collected data during the daily case meetings that the senior physician attends, as well. The caregiver is informed in the light of such information and discussions and the care service is rendered in the most accurate way possible. Also, the Home Care Supervisor visits your home at least once a week in order to audit the rendered service by considering the caregiving needs and dependency level of the patient.

Our caregiver personnel are not allowed to administer interventional treatments. If an interventional treatment is required, that will be administered by a nurse. Medical Center will make the necessary arrangement if required.

Duties of Caregiver;

  • Vital sign follow-up (fever, temperature, pulse, respiration)
  • Insulin follow-up and insulin injection
  • Feeding and oral medication follow-up
  • Providing personal hygiene (oral care, bath giving-hair washing assistance, toilet assistance)
  • Moving, lifting and positioning the patient
  • Assisting and applying passive in-bed exercises
  • Joyful companionship
  • Observes the medical condition of patient and informs the Care Services Supervisor, In-Home Physician and Primary Physician of the patient about the differences.

Other Caregiver Services We Provide;

  • Short-term caregiver services; the services that have approximately 2 hours of duration such as in-home bath giving, supporting daily living activities, shopping, transfer support, etc. The duration of services may be extended upon your request.
  • Your patients may not be in need of 12 hours’/24 hours’ or live-in caregiver service or they may already have a live-in caregiver. We may meet your daily care support personnel (caregiver) needs by providing assistance to your patient whenever you need or, for instance, when your caregiver is on leave.

Who Need Caregiver Services?

  • The individuals who have difficulties in meeting their needs due to increased age
  • Bedridden patients
  • The patients who need caring and passive exercises after hip fractures
  • The patients who need caring and passive exercises after paralysis
  • The patients who need to be followed up against infection risk after by-pass operations
  • Cancer patients on terminal stage (end-of-life) who need caring
  • The patients who have chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes and need regular follow-ups
  • Families and patients who are being through challenging disease processes such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc.
  • The ones who have a patient that has at least one of the conditions listed above, yet have no time to spare in order to look after their loved one
  • The ones who have a patient, yet do not have sufficient information and physical capabilities to look after their loved one
  • The ones who have a patient but have to go on a trip.

We stand by your side with our experienced, competent and certificated care support personnel (caregivers) who have perfect communication skills.

You can call us 7/24 to get more information.

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