Long Term Baby Nurse Services at Home

Long Term Baby Nurse Services at Home

Who is Baby Nurse?

Baby Nurse is a midwifery or nursery graduate experienced baby/newborn expert who comes to your home to assist the parents (particularly the mother) in the daily care of your newborn. Long Term Baby Nurse Services at Home

A Baby Nurse has practical experience in newborn practices and also has up-to-date knowledge about accepted practices in newborn care such as breastfeeding support, baby care, development follow-up, creating sleeping pattern, etc.

The first month’s period of the babies following the birth is accepted as the newborn period and that period is one of the most important period during which the communication between the mother and the baby is established. Duration of the baby nurse service to be provided during that term depends on your choice.

When the In-Home Baby Nurse is Required?

  • If it is your first baby; if you need professional support regarding your baby’s care and meeting all needs of your baby,
  • If your baby is premature and you need professional support regarding premature baby care,
  • If you are a mother and you need to undergo the postnatal process in comfort and to rest,
  • If you are having difficulties in breastfeeding and sleeping processes of your baby and you want to put such processes in order,

You may want a professional baby nurse to provide you with the necessary support during the period at home after discharge.

You may start the In-Home Baby Nurse service after giving birth either before being discharged from the hospital or after you observe your period at home. Making that decision is completely up to you.

Can I Trust Medical Center Baby Nurses?

The greatest concern in the mind and heart of a mother who will entrust her baby is the reliability of the person who provides care for her baby. Therefore; it is crucial to get such services from home care services that are licensed by the Ministry of Health and can be audited.

As in all services we provide, prior to the start of our long-term in-home baby nurse services, our competent Care Services Director visits you at your home. This visit is free-of-charge and quite important to determine your needs, to relieve your concerns and worries and to make the baby nurse planning accurately.

It is also very important for the newborn/baby nurse to be experienced and accredited as well as to comply with her working environment and become a member of the family.

What is the Scope of Long-Term In-Home Baby Nurse Service?

Our In-Home Baby Nurse services are provided day time (12 hours), night time (12 hours) or for 24 hours, whereas such services can be requested daily, weekly or monthly. Our nurses work in 12 hours or 24 hours shifts within the scope of long-term baby nurse services.

As long as you get In-Home Baby Nurse service;

  • The home environment that is suitable for the mother and the baby is established,
  • All cares of the baby, nurturing, bathing and massaging are carried out by the baby nurse. Mother and father are included in the process,
  • Mastitis follow-up of the mother is carried out and the practical and solution oriented information about increasing the milk amount are shared,
  • Sleeping pattern of the baby is created and the methods to put the baby to sleep are explained to the mother at every chance and applied in a hands-on manner,
  • The mother is provided with the support to gather strength after physical tiredness and physiologic trauma experienced by the mother during the birth by means of resting and nutrition,
  • The mother is taught to have control on nurturing, care and development processes of the baby,
  • The emotional changes, depression indicators that may be experienced by the mother during the postpartum period as well as the manners of approaching the mother are shared with the parents,
  • Assistance is provided in determining the possible problems of the baby and the solution options are offered.
  • All questions of the parents find their answers during the service period.

It is crucial for such services to be provided by a licensed-professional institution and by the hand of competent and trained baby nurses.

Because our babies / children are our breath of life.

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