Mother And Newborn Services

Mother And Newborn Services

We facilitate the home care of your newborn baby with our Professional and well-equipped baby nurses…

All mothers need an experienced and conscious hand during the postnatal period. Following the exhausting birth process, getting support from a well-versed, reliable and competent baby nurse when you come home from hospital is priceless.

All information you have gathered during your pregnancy regarding the baby care may easily be forgotten together with the birth. When you are alone with your baby, you may be concerned about the matters that require experience regarding the care of your baby, however you have not experienced yet.

During the 1-month’s newborn period following the birth, the support you will get from expert baby nurses is very important for you and your baby to comply with the process. Getting your baby used to you and to the breastfeeding process, creating an orderly sleeping period, application and teaching the matters such as bathing, diapering, umbilical care by professionals will make your life easier to a great extent.

We know that the newborn baby care is hard and the parents need a professional support regarding that matter. And we also know that the most important expectation of families is their wish to place reliance on the persons to whom they would leave their babies with.

Medical Center Home Care Center; has been providing a great number of families with profession services through expert baby nurses since 2010. With our excitement on the first day and in line with our principled working manners, we continue facilitating the life of mothers who just gave birth.

Our priority is making the mothers feel that they are in safe hands regarding their babies. We provide the babies with comfort through well-versed, experienced and reliable baby nurses; and the mothers with professional care support that facilitate their lives throughout that rocky road. That way, we get you to live quality and joyful days with your baby.

Expectations and needs of each family are unique and specific. Therefore, the baby care packages we prepare for the mothers and their babies are custom in order to meet your needs.

Our Mother and Newborn Services;

  • Newborn Training at home
  • Long-Term Baby Nurse Services at home (12 hours/ 24 hours)
  • Be Baby Plus Pack (Prenatal and postnatal)

*You may prefer one of the mother baby packs indicated above or call our center at 0216 363 0 363 and consult with our expert baby nurses free-of-charge and request a visit.

You can call us 7/24 to get more information.

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