Lymphedema Massage After Surgeries

1. Breast Cancer Surgery: Breast cancer surgeries like mastectomy and lumpectomy are performed to remove cancerous tissue from the breast. These surgeries often involve the removal of lymph nodes from the underarm area (axillary lymph nodes). This disruption to the lymphatic system can lead to lymphedema, characterised by swelling in the arm or breast due

In-Home Health Care Services

There are several ways of functioning in in-home patient care. In-Home Health Care Services Purpose of In-Home Health Care Services The purpose of home care  services is to support people who have health problems in their homes with safe living areas to regain their health. By means of the service that is provided within such

In-Home Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation, is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal problems in the body (fractures, injuries, etc.), the issues that develop due to (paralysis, spinal cord injuries, MS, etc.) injuries and the diagnosis and treatment of pains. In-Home Physiotherapy What Is In-Home Physiotherapy? In-Home Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, is a

What Is Home Care Service?

What Is Home Care Service the system of providing the people having chronic illnesses, bedridden patients and individuals in need of care due to old age with the in-home services with a professional team. Home care services is a system of providing in-home services to a person with chronic diseases, bedridden and elderly individuals who are

In-Home Nursing Prices

What In-Home Nursing Prices Service? In-home nursing service, is provided with a professional team by the In-home health and care services, whereas such team comprises various nursery groups such as intensive care nurse, neonatal nurse, oncology nurse and geriatrics nurse. How Long is The In-Home Nursing Service Should be Provided? The provision term of in-home nursing service is

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In Home Health and Care Services