Bedsore Care Package

Bedsore is a tailor-made care and treatment service package prepared by our certified wound care specialists.

Pressure Sore

Our nurses having bedsore care certificates visit you at your home free-of-charge, in order to evaluate the size of the wound, the infection status, the living tissue and the risks.

Once the degree of the wound is determined during the pressure wound diagnosis, the best-fit treatment for you is determined accordingly.

In line with the determined treatment and care plan, a bedsore care package is created within the scope of a customized service.

Private pressure sore specialist nurses, take care of the patient throughout the treatment and make the necessary arrangements for the quick closure of the wound. You can check the wound photos of the patients followed by our teams and treated gradually, and you can request a bedsore care package  support by calling Medical Center.

Bedsore Occur

How Does Bedsore Occur?

Most of the bedridden patients carry significant risks in terms of bedsore occurrence. Long term immobility, circulatory disorders, failure in providing effective care (failure in repositioning, moisture, unsuitable bed use) and malnutrition are the most important risk factors for bedsores. The localized skin and/or subcutaneous tissue damage that occurs usually over bone spurs due to pressure is called as bedsore.


What is Bedsore?

It is commonly known as decubitus, pressure ulcer or pressure sore. The sores that open on the skin areas over bone spurs after a tissue damage that occurs due to pressure or pressure and friction followed by lack of alimentation as a result of asphyxiation are called as pressure sore.

How Can We Be of Assistance?

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    Objective of Wound Care Package

    During the treatment process, a treatment plan is created by the physician and the bedsore specialist care nurse, whereas the procedures must progress in a certain order on daily basis in line with this plan. Depending on the wound type of the patient, medications that will accelerate the healing process of the wound and auxiliary medicated pendant applications can be utilized.

    The general objective of the treatment is to heal the wounds and to fix the visible damage. Pressure sore treatment processes and results of some patients are shared as visuals below.

    1. Patient – 1. Stage

    1. Patient – 2. Stage

    1. Patient – 3. Stage

    1. Patient – Result

    2. Patient – 1. Stage

    2. Patient – 2. Stage

    2. Patient – 3. Stage

    2. Patient – Result

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