Bypass Package

The bypass package includes the in-home services being provided by the care support staff during the first 48 hours of the patient’s post-operative discharge.

Medical Center Bypass Package

The bypass package is extremely important for the patient’s care process in the first weeks following the bypass surgery. During the hospital phase, all follow-up and care of the patient is carried out by the intensive care team, physicians, nurses and care teams. The situation is slightly different when the patient is discharged. Patients and their relatives do not have enough information about what to do, and they may not be able to meet the needs to be done regarding the care procedures.

If  no complication is experienced after the patient is followed up in the intensive care unit and in the ward, the patient is discharged from the hospital on the 5th day, on average.

What are the Duties of In-Home Care Support Personnel for the First 48 Hours After Bypass?

  • Provision Care Support Personnel caregiver service for 2 days (48 hours),
  • Provision of walking and movement exercises,
  • Dressing the scar area,
  • Use of Tri-flow and provision of exercises (for a better operation of the lungs),
  • Ensuring the use of Thromboembolic Socks,
  • Provision of the supports for the use of chest corset and heart pillow (cough control),
  • Regular administration of medications,
  • Body bathing (teaching wiping bath),
  • Regular personal care in order to prevent infection,
  • Provision of support for feeding,
  • Giving the correct lying position to the patient,
  • Management of the patient’s emotional state,
  • Establishing an effective communication with the patient’s relatives, and informing the patient’s relatives regarding the procedures performed on the patient.
  • Completion and reporting of the procedures performed on the patient’s in the 48-hours’ period.
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    What does the Post-Discharge Bypass Package include?

    The Bypass package comprises the care support personnel service for the first 48 hours starting from the patient’s discharge. It is extremely important to get support from the professional nursing team of home care and health services within the first 48 hours after being discharged, both for the health of the patient and for the patient’s relatives to get used to the new living accommodation.

    How Can I Purchase The Bypass Package?

    It may not come to mind to receive a professional care support in the first placeduring the hospital phase following the planning and performance of the Bypass surgery. However, upon the discharge, the family’s concerns increase and having a caregiver for providing the patient with the required care becomes a need.

    The process in bypass package services following the discharge is carried out as follows;
    • The patient/patient’s relatives call the Medical Center home care center prior to the surgery or during the hospital period and request the bypass package service.
    • Patient/patient’s relatives are visited in the hospital by the expert supervisor nurses of the Medical Center. The purpose of this visit, which is carried out free-of-charge, is to meet with the patient’s physician, to understand the expectations of the family and to plan the appropriate personnel.
    • The Care Support Personnel is planned for the date on which the patient will be discharged. All necessary information is shared with the family.
    • Upon the discharge of the patient, the Care Support Personnel provide the patient and patient’s relatives with the in-home bypass care services for 2 days (48 hours). If necessary, the patient care service can be continued following the bypass package upon the request of family.

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