In-Home Bloodletting

In-Home Bloodletting is a procedure that can be performed for all your tests that need to be studied in a laboratory environment. Your results are shared with you and your physicians in the same day.

In-Home Bloodletting is the process of taking blood by specialist nurses at the place where the person is located (home, workplace, etc.) without the need for the individual to go to a hospital or laboratory, delivering the blood taken to the laboratory under appropriate conditions and sharing the results with the patient/patient’s relatives/patient’s physician. Even though this service is generally used for the follow-up of patients who are difficult to transport to the hospital, bedridden or have chronic diseases

The person does not need to be sick or have a physical disability to benefit from the home blood collection service.

In cases where the individual does not feel well enough to go out, does not have enough time to go to the hospital or the location of his/her place is not suitable, the bloodletting service can be performed at home.

In-Home Blood Test

Why is In-Home Blood Test Service Important?

Symptoms, course and treatment of many diseases can be determined according to blood test results.

The reason for an in-home blood test is to be able to see the course of the disease of people with such disease and to direct the treatment.

It would be appropriate to organize in-home blood test service, which is of crucial importance, with the support of the home care nurse to be assigned by the home care and health services in line with the request of your physician.

How Can We Be of Assistance?

Choose one of the in-home laboratory analyses you need and share it with us along with your contact information. We will contact you as soon as possible through our expert health care managers.

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    In-Home Bloodletting

    Is In-Home Bloodletting Safe?

    In-home laboratory service is provided only by the home care and health services that are legally authorized to provide this service.

    These institutions licensed by the Ministry of Health are responsible for acting in accordance with the laboratory operating procedure, storing and delivering the samples collected under appropriate conditions and delivering the most accurate results.

    After taking a blood sample at home, the collected samples ar delivered to the laboratory within max. 2 hours (except for the tests that require urgent delivery such as pro DNP, blood gas).


    Who Performs In-Home Bloodletting?

    Bloodletting is performed by confident nurses who are experts in collecting blood samples.

    In-home bloodletting is an application that requires experience. Because, the vessels of many patients who need in-home bloodletting may be thin, worn or not visible at all, due to the treatment or age.

    In such cases, the superior ability to be performed by the nurse will ensure the successful completion of the service and ensure patient satisfaction.

    How is the In-Home Blood Test Service Being Organized?

    The in-home bloodletting services are provided according to the “laboratory operating procedure”. According to this procedure;

    • In line with the request coming from the patient/patient’s relative/patient’s physician, an appointment is booked for the appropriate day and time.
    • The appointment time is organized by considering whether the requested tests need to be done on a full or empty stomach, and the patient/patient’s relatives are informed accordingly.
    • The home care nurse brings with her all disposable materials required for bloodletting. (laboratory tubes, tourniquet, alcohol swap, injector, plaster, cotton, medical waste bin etc.)
    • The barcodes containing patient information are placed on the tubes.
    • Against any risk of infection, the blood samples collected in compliance with hygiene rules are placed in sample containers and transferred to the laboratory environment with appropriate storage conditions.
    • Complete blood count and biochemistry results are concluded within a few hours in the same day. Delivery of the results of hormone tests and cultures will take a few days. Home care unit will inform you in detail about when the results will be received.
    • The results of the blood tests performed in a laboratory environment will be sent to the e-mail addresses provided by the patient/patient’s relatives and will also be reported to the patient’s primary physician.
    In-Home Blood Test Service

    Advantages of In-Home Blood Test Service

    • The in-home bloodletting service provides the patient with comfort since it is performed in the patient’s environment.
    • It provides convenience to patients’ relatives.
    • The in-home service saves time from traveling to a hospital or a center.
    • There is no need for transportation vehicles (ambulance or patient transport vehicle etc.) that may be required for the transfer of the patient under heavy traffic conditions.
    • It enables the patient to receive professional health care from reliable specialists.
    • It prevents the individual from going into a patient and hospital psychology.
    • Measures are taken against possible hospital or laboratory infection risks.
    Blood Tests

    Consider Having Blood Tests Done Twice a Year for Early Diagnosis Purposes…

    Apart from the diseases, it is important for healthy men and women aged 65 and over to have routine blood counts and biochemistry tests done twice a year and for the results of such tests to be evaluated by a physician.

    By this way, it is ensured that the presence of a possible disease is detected early and treatment is planned. For this reason, do not neglect to have your blood tests done twice a year over the age of 65.

    Which Test Would You Like To Have At Home?

    Choose one of the laboratory analyses you need and share it with us along with your contact information. We will contact you as soon as possible through our health consultants.

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