In-Home Care Service

In-home care services is the entirety of services through which all physical, social and mental needs of patients or elderly are provided by a professional team in their living space.

In-home care

What is In-Home Care Service?

The in-home care services we offer for the elderly and patients make daily life safer and more comfortable, and also make significant contributions to the lives of their families. It reduces the feeling of burnout, which is commonly observed in family members, eases the workload and provides the opportunity to participate in social life.

In-home care, each year, enables millions of elderly people to live in their own homes. Instead of living in a care facility or nursing home, elderly people can continue to live where they feel happiest and most comfortable, namely in their own homes.

What are In-Home Care Services?

You should choose the right in-home care type that will ensure the comfort of your loved ones and improve their quality of life. However, making the right decision can be a little challenging if you are not aware of the different types of in-home care.

In-Home Care Types

  • Day or Night Caregiver Service (12 hours)
  • Continuous Caregiver Service (24 hours – continuous)
  • Short-Term Caregiver Service (2 hours)
  • Hospital Attendant Service (12 hours or 24 hours)
Tailor-Made In-Home Care

Tailor-Made In-Home Care

As Medical Center, our aim is to provide necessary in-home care services for the individuals who need support after an illness or surgery, and to make life more comfortable and safe for the elderly who wish to get old in their own environment. At the same time, we aim to make families go through this process as easily and without stress as possible.
Our in-home care approach starts with creating a customized care plan for each patient and elderly. Medical Center Home Care Center customizes the services that your loved ones need according to their living conditions with a comprehensive care plan. This way, we provide precisely the support you need.
As the needs of your loved ones change, we work with you to ensure that they continue to receive the care they require.
Not all of the in-home services are the same. Some processes may be care-only processes that do not require medical assistance, while some processes may comprise treatment, care, rehabilitation and training processes.

How Can We Be of Assistance?

Choose the health and care service you need and share it with us along with your contact information. We will contact you as soon as possible through our expert health care managers.

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    In-Home Care Service

    A free counseling visit will be scheduled before starting the in-home care service process. We collect information regarding the needs, living conditions and personal preferences of your loved ones during such visits. We use this information to create a framework for establishing a care plan for your loved ones.

    We take into consideration various factors when developing your loved ones’ care plan. We work with physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers to ensure that our care plans comply with medical directives.

    The last step is to assign the most appropriate care support staff (caregivers) for your loved ones. We are aware how important the relationship between caregivers and the elderly can be. Therefore, we make effort to find the perfect fit for every client.

    It is important to understand the difference between in-home health services and home care services.

    The professionals who provide In-Home Health Services consist of physicians, nurses and physiotherapists, and the main purpose of in-home health services is to meet the medical treatment requirements of the patient.

    In general, the objective of in-home health services is to treat a disease or injury. The professionals who provide home care services, however, are the care support staff specialized in elderly care and/or patient care. (caregiver).

    Home Care Service Prices

    How much is the price of Home Care Services? When you intend to work with a home care center, you may want to know what costs await you, how payments will be made, and whether the health insurance covers these costs.

    Private care services in our country are not yet being covered by the SSI (SGK). Therefore, the payment of all requested home care and health services is covered by the patients and their relatives.

    The other payment option is your private health insurance policy. Home care and health services are included in the content of all private health insurance policies within the scope of inpatient treatment, and all in-home health services up to 8 weeks per year are covered. The point to be considered is the distinction between in-home health services and home care services. Private health insurances do not cover home care services that include nursing care.

    In order for you to benefit from in-home health services within the scope of your private health insurance, it is enough for your physician to request this service by issuing an epicrisis report indicating the patient’s condition. After obtaining approval, all processes (provision, approval, invoicing, etc.) are carried out by licensed home care centers.

    You can get home care and health services from licensed home care centers, as well as from self-employed persons or consultancy companies. However, you should keep in mind that you take a risk when you use your preference in this direction! Self-employed persons or consulting companies may seem more affordable at first, but we would like to inform you that these companies or individuals are not legally authorized to offer home care services and you may experience serious security problems.

    Prior to working with self-employed individuals or consulting companies, you need to consider your loved ones and your responsibilities carefully.

    We, as Medical Center, we assume responsibility, organization and service quality of all our employees.

    In Order To Decide On the Institution from Which You Will Receive Home Care Services;

    Getting reference from your acquaintances and making Internet searches maybe useful for collecting more information about the home care center you intend to receive service from. You may want to ask the following questions to guide your research.

    Home Care Services
    • Is it an institution licensed by the Ministry of Health for home care service provision?
    • Since when this institution has been providing home care services?
    • Is there a quality accreditation document that certifies the quality of provided services?
    • Does home care services company offer a “Service Agreement”, “Consent Document” that explain the personal data security, rights and responsibilities of both the institution and the patient/patient relatives?
    • Does home care services company prepare a care plan for the patient (by using the information collected from the patient, physician and family members)? Is the company going to update the plan as required?
    • How closely do the auditors and supervision experts follow the services provided to ensure the service quality?
    • Do home care center personnel provide service 24 hours a day and seven days a week, if necessary?
    • Is there a nursing supervisor that patients/patient’s relatives may call at any time?
    • How does the home care center ensure patient privacy?
    • How do the home care service nurses and caregivers get recruited and trained?
    • How often does the institution perform health screening for its employees?
    • In case of occurrence of a problem, what is the procedure for resolution? Who do you call for your questions or complaints?

    It is important to perform a comprehensive screening when you decide to receive home care services. This process comprises also an interview to be conducted at home by a qualified representative. You should get prepared for the interview by making a list of the special needs of your elderly or patient. For example, if your patient is fed through PEG, it is important that the personnel who will provide the services know how to feed through PEG.

    Which Care Service Would You Like To Receive?

    Choose one of the in-home care services for yourself or your relative, share it with us along with your contact information. We will contact you as soon as possible through our health consultants.

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