In-Home ECG Imaging

Did you know that you can receive the ECG imaging service at home?

This is an imaging service organized by Home Health and Care Services. With this service, the needs of the patients who continue their medical treatment at home are met in a professional manner.

ECG, in other words electrocardiography, is one of the auxiliary imaging methods used in the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, heart failure, heart muscle inflammation, heart rhythm disorder, chest pain and many other heart-related diseases.

The ECG device is used to collect the electrical data of the heart (heart rhythm, heartbeat and heart-related reactions) through the electrodes attached to the skin. As a result of ECG imaging, many data with regard to the functioning of the heart can be obtained and further examinations can be applied if necessary.

What is In-Home ECG Imaging:

In-home electrocardiography imaging is the electrocardiography procedure performed by visiting the patient’s home with a portable mobile ECG device.

What is the ECG Imaging for?

ECG (electrocardiography) procedure can be planned for the patients in cases where the physician believes that there is a problem in the heart according to the patient’s complaints. By means of ECG imaging, the clues regarding a change in the rhythm of the heart and stenosis in heart vessels can be observed.

For Which Patients In-Home ECG Imaging is Performed?

ECG can be performed depending on the problems experienced by cardiovascular-blood pressure patients who continue their treatment at home, bedridden patients or people who receive respective treatment for a different disease.

How Is an ECG Imaging Service Organized?

  • The primary physician of the patient may request an ECG (electrocardiography) imaging, if deemed necessary, by evaluating the situation in line with the patient’s complaints.
  • The family relatives request this service from a professional institution that provides Home care and health services.
  • The home care and health services representative explains the procedures related to the service to the patient’s relatives and gets approval.
  • After the approval by the patient’s relatives, the appropriate day/time is planned.
  • The radiology technician or the nurse in charge performs the imaging by visiting the respective address in order to perform the patient’s ECG at the specified time.
  • The results are shared with the physician and patient’s relatives.
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    Benefits of In-Home ECG Imaging to Patients and Patients’ Relatives

    In-Home ECG Imaging has benefits for the patient’s relatives as well as for the patient.

    • It is a comfortable service for the patient since the electrocardiography will be performed at the patient’s home, in a safe environment.
    • If the patient is unable to move or is bedridden, there is no need for an ambulance to be organized for the transfer of the patient. Thus, it provides financial advantage.
    • It also prevents the loss of time and effort required for the patient and his relatives to get the examinations done in a hospital.
    • By this way, the “ECG imaging” service is provided by a reliable institution such as home care and health services that is licensed by the Ministry of Health.

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