In-Home Echocardiography (echo)

Did you know that you can receive echocardiography imaging service at home?

“In-home echo imaging” that is one of the imaging applications that uses state of the art technology is a multipurpose, high comfort service intended for diagnosis, follow-up and treatment planning in cases related to the diseases being followed-up with heart disease diagnosis or unexpected heart diseases.

What is Echocardiography?

Echocardiography, or ECHO, is an imaging technique that uses high frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to take images of your heart, allows to check the walls, muscles and valves of the heart, and provides important information about the heart and blood flow.

Why In-Home Echocardiography?

Your physician may require an echocardiography test in order to see the structure of your heart or to check the functions of your heart. Many diseases that may be related to the heart and listed below can be diagnosed by means of Echocardiography (ECHO) and necessary treatments can be organized.

  • Determining the amount of blood that is pumped at one beat of the heart
  • Check-up and diseases of cardiac valves
  • Detection of pericardium diseases
  • Checking the cardiac cavities
  • Heart wall movement and disorders
  • Check-up of cardiac cycle contraction in case of cardiovascular diseases
  • Evaluating the pressure varying in cardiac cavities
  • Investigating the possibility of embolism
  • Detection of the damage caused by a heart attack
  • Cardiac rheumatism
  • Check-up of cardiac insufficiency

Which Patients Need In-Home Echocardiography?

Echocardiography (ECHO), which is one of the home imaging applications, is generally used as a support in the diagnosis and treatment of the patients who receive in-patient treatment, who cannot be taken to any hospital or imaging center, who cannot be transported, who has heart disease, paralysis, Alzheimer’s, who are in an unconscious state, or who cannot be taken outside for any reason.

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    The Manner of In-Home Echo Service Provision

    In-home echo service is an imaging technique that can be requested as a result of a requirement regarding the cardiovascular system. Upon the request of the physician in charge of the patient or if requested by the family during the treatment, in-home echocardiography is performed by a competent cardiologist.

    What Should Be Done to Receive In-Home Echo Service?

    Usually the physicians request in-home echocardiography. The family applies to the institution that provides home care and health services to provide this health-related requirement. As a result of the interviews, the procedure is carried out at the patient’s location by a competent cardiologist at the appointment time notified.

    The Manner of In-Home Echocardiography Application

    You may get the echocardiography done at a hospital and also in home environment. In-home echocardiography is conducted by the competent cardiologists of Medical Center.

    • The patient must be prepared for the echocardiography.
    • Having a dim room is more appropriate for the video monitor to be read better.
    • The patient gets laid on the left side with a bare upper body in a position that allows the procedure to be conducted.
    • Initially, a gel is applied on the heart area of the chest where the patient’s readings will be taken from.
    • The probe of portable ECHO device is moved across the chest, around the heart.
    • The cardiologist may ask you to breathe or hold your breath to get better images.
    • In-home ECHO (Echocardiography), which takes about 15-20 minutes, can be viewed on the monitor and the results can be printed on the special paper of the device or recorded on the monitor once the shooting is completed.
    • Following the completion of in-home Echo service, the result is reported by the cardiologist who performed the scanning.
    • If deemed necessary, an appropriate prescription gets issued for the patient.
    • All these results are shared with the patient’s other physicians and patient’s relatives in a digital environment.
    • The patient does not feel any aches or pains during the echocardiography.

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