In-Home Injection Service

In-home injection service, you can have an injection at home by expert nurses comfortably and smoothly in the comfort of your home.

We all know that, even though most of us do not look kindly upon and even get a little scared of the injection applications included in the treatments when we are sick, the treatments that include injection application give faster results in the healing of the diseases.

Although the injection process is easy and simple, it is a process that we cannot do ourselves.

For this short procedure, you do not need to go to the hospital all the time, keep your loved ones (mother, child) waiting at the hospital under difficult conditions, or cause quite a stir to get your friends or relatives to call a nurse home, talk to the pharmacy next door and try to convince the employees.

Thanks to the trained and talented nurses of the medical center, you can request in-home injection service to be provided in an easy and smooth manner in the comfort of your home.

What is In-Home Injection Service?

The process of injecting the drugs prescribed by the patient’s physician into the patient’s body by intramuscular, subcutaneous or intravenous route according to the form of the drug is called “injection (needle) application”.

All injection services, from insulin injection to the administration of chemotherapeutic drugs, are performed in an easy, painless and smooth manner in your home environment by our experienced and trained nurses.

Who Provides the in-Home Injection Service?

In-home injection services are provided by licensed and experienced nurses who are authorized to enter home, in line with the written procedures of home health and care services.

In the health services provided in our country, the right to enter the patient’s home belongs only to the home care centers licensed by the Ministry of Health.

Licensed home care centers are responsible for all services offered at home, from the patient’s prescription to complications that may occur.

How can we help you?

Choose the nurse service you need, share it with us with your contact information. Let us call you as soon as possible with our expert healthcare managers.

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    How to Plan an In-Home Injection Service?

    • Initially the prescription information is asked from the patients/patient’s relatives who contact Medical Center call center.
    • Injection services cannot be provided for non-prescribed medications!
    • The prescription given by the physician is evaluated, and if necessary, the situation is discussed with the patient’s physician.
    • An appointment is booked for the appropriate date and time for the patient according to the name of the prescribed drug, the dose of use and the frequency of administration.
    • The experienced home care nurse brings with her all materials required for the injection application.
    • “Informed Consent Form” is received from the patient and/or patient’s relatives.
    • Before the procedure, the patient’s vital signs (pulse, blood pressure) are measured.
    • The injection is performed under sterile conditions.
    • If the injections are required to be repeated hourly or daily, long-term plans are made with the family.
    • The injection service is taken into records of the Medical Center institution by the nurse.

    Advantages of In-Home Injection Service


    Home injection service is a very comfortable service for the patient as it is applied at the patient’s home.


    Not only does it save time, it also eliminates the need to go to the clinic for injections.

    All age groups

    All age groups and patients, as well as elderly or bedridden patients, can receive in-home injection service.


    The injection service allows you to easily and smoothly meet this need in a short time in your home environment.


    It is a service below the cost of going to and from the clinic for injection, especially for elderly or bedridden patients


    It is an injection service provided by licensed home care services that offer professional healthcare services.

    Which Nurse Service Would You Like To Get?

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