Newborn Packages

Newborn Packs, this service package with a wide range of content can be gifted to expectant mothers.

Thanks to this service which Medical Center provides with its expert baby nurses during before, during and after the birth, you will not feel alone during those important days.

You may present this service pack that has a wide scope to the mothers-to-be, support the new mother-to-be during this beautiful and hard period and help her to gain experience regarding baby care.

Be Baby Plus newborn packages contents;

1st Home Visit Before Birth;

Prenatal Education in the Comfort of Your Own Home

This is the first training visit after the 32nd week of your pregnancy that introduces you our expert baby nurse. By means of this visit we pay before the birth, we aim to give you the sense of security, share the information you need before and during the birth and get you to make a healthy start to your new life.

Contents of our home visit before the birth are briefly;

  • Preparation of the baby room and the birth bag for mother and baby,
  • Information of mother regarding the baby development as per the week of pregnancy,
  • Nutrition, sex and mobilization during the 3rd trimester,
  • The measures that can be taken against the sores and chaps that may occur before the birth,
  • The signs that indicate the start of birth action,
  • Importance of Kegel exercise,
  • Giving baby care training on dummy,
  • Relieving the concerns and worries of parents
  • Preparation of baby shopping list,
  • Sterilization processes and the importance of hand hygiene,
  • Newborn clothing preference and suggestions,
  • Cosmetics to be used on the newborn and suggestions,
  • Determination of the devices needed for the newborn and suggestions,
  • False facts
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    48-Hours nurse support after the birth

    Providing professional support for the newborn

    Getting a support of 2 full days during this hard period of the mother after the birth is quite important for the adaptation of the mother to the baby, getting the mother to adopt breastfeeding habit and also for getting the mother rested.

    The care, application and training services aimed at the mother and the baby regarding the following matters are provided within the scope of long-term baby nurse services to be provided at the time of discharge from hospital and during the 48-hours period following the discharge.

    If you are pleased with our 2 full days baby nurse service, you extend the service and get further assistance from our expert baby nurses.

    • Establishing the ideal home environment for the mother and the baby,
    • Nurturing, bathe, massage and all cares of the baby being carried out by the baby nurse and inclusion of parents into the process,
    • Helping with providing the sleeping pattern of the baby and realization of methods to put the baby to sleep together with the mother at every chance,
    • Mastitis follow-up of the mother and sharing the practical and solution oriented information aimed at increasing the milk amount,
    • Helping the mother to gather strength after physical tiredness and physiologic trauma experienced by the mother during the birth by means of resting and nutrition,
    • First bathe of the mother after discharge under supervision of the nurse,
    • Infection follow-up of the incision area in the first 48 hours,
    • Icterus check of the baby in the first 48 hours,
    • Providing the mother’s full control on the nurturing and care processes by the assistance of the nurse.

    7th day visit after the birth:

    Our expert baby nurse assesses the 1 week’s period after the birth together with the mother during that last visit. The challenges that the mother has experienced during the periods in which the mother is alone with the baby are discussed and the mother is re-provided with the training support for the matters in which she needs to gain competence.

    • Hammering the previous trainings home,
    • Checking the umbilical cord,
    • Diaper rash check and suggestions,
    • Hands-on newborn bathing,
    • Repeating the sleep training,
    • Checking the weight and length of the baby,
    • Burping problem of the babies and problem solving suggestions,
    • First 3 months’ baby development,
    • Reasons and solution of nasal congestion of the newborn,
    • Newborn reflux, symptoms and treatment,
    • Soft spot check and importance,
    • Newborn vaccination calendar.

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