Newborn Training

Training needed by the newborn and the mother during and after the transition from the hospital to the home

Newborn Training

Newborn training at home, which is very important for mothers, is an elegant training package that is usually presented as a gift to mothers by the spouse, family, friends and close environment and allows the mother to adapt to the new process after birth.

During this beautiful and difficult process of the new mother, you can gift her “newborn training at home”, which is more valuable than all baby gifts, to support her and help her gain experience in baby care.

What is Newborn Training?

Newborn training is the hands-on training that is given by the expert nurses of Medical Center at the mother’s home within first 7 (seven) days following the birth and that takes approximately 2 (two) hours.

With this training, the knowledge taught to you in the hospital environment are enhanced in the home environment that is the space in which you feel the most comfortable.

Objective of In-Home Newborn Training

The objective of In-Home Newborn Training is providing the postnatal controls of the baby and the mother, provision of care requirements of the baby by the parents in a conscious and accurate manner and provision of the psychological comfort and happiness of the mother throughout that period.

How is the In-Home Newborn Training Provided?

This training that takes approximately 2 hours comprises the hands-on matters aimed at the care of both the mother and the baby. The subjects within the scope of training are;

How Can We Be of Assistance?

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    Regarding this matter during which the mother has the greatest difficulties;

    • the provision of hands-on training aimed at feeding the baby,
    • Correct breastfeeding techniques,
    • Importance of breast milk,
    • Milk storage conditions,
    • Checking whether the baby is full and the methods to increase the amount of breast,


    The points to be taken into consideration in the clothing of the new baby and the clothing preference, correct swaddling clothes usage.

    Baby Care:

    • Skin care and moisturizing,
    • Oral cleaning,
    • Eye, nose and ear cleaning,
    • Nail cutting,
    • Umbilical cord check,
    • Diapering and the points to be taken into consideration during the application of such procedures,

    Infant Development:  Checking your baby’s height and weight as well as head circumference and providing the training required for the follow-up of development; vaccination calendar training,

    Baby bathe, Hands-on baby bathe together with our expert nurse and training, the materials to be used and the points to be taken into consideration during the bathe, maintaining moisture balance following the bathe, bathing frequency,

    Burping problem in babies: Burping the newborn and the methods to be used for burping, the effect of mother’s nutrition on causing burps,

    Diaper Rash Management: Things to be done in order to avoid diaper rash, diaper rash treatment methods,

    Butterfly massage and its importance: Butterfly massage techniques and its positive effects on the newborn,

    Suitability of the home environment for the baby and suggestions: Proper room temperature, humidity rate, the items required to be available in the room and the determination of other needs,

    First Aid for Babies: The interventions in case of emergency cases that may develop, lifesaving application and simple first aid techniques,

    General Care and Assessment of the Mother:  Suture, wound care and control if the delivery is carried out by means of C-Section, breast care of the mother, mastitis check and treatment, the trainings regarding the puerperal nutrition and the points to be taken into consideration during the postpartum period.

    You can contact our expert baby nurses to request for our newborn training services and to give such services as a present to your beloved ones, and you can visit our website for Bebaby in-home newborn training.

    If you are pleased with our In-Home Newborn Training, you may re-request our newborn training or in case you think that you need further training and support, you may benefit from our long-term (12 hours / 24 hours) baby nurse services.

    Our long-term baby nurse services comprises the training services provided in a short period to be provided for a longer period of time by our expert baby nurses in a hands-on manner, and the training of parents regarding baby care, furthermore it allows the mother to be rested more during that process.

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