Premature Baby Nurse Service

A Premature Baby Nurse is the nurse who provides assistance during the period of transition of the mothers and families of premature babies to home environment.

Premature Baby Nurse Service

In-home premature baby nurse service is the provision of professional support to the family by competent licensed baby nurses in order to ensure that the premature baby is adapted to the new process at home and that the process can be managed correctly.

The newborn baby nurses provide you with the following within the scope of premature baby care service;

  • Provision of all the care needed by your premature baby and provision of your training. Preparation of your baby’s home conditions in accordance with the development process. Provision of necessary materials, applies daily routines such as hands-on nutrition, bathing, diaper change, massage positions and teaches such information to the family.
  • Provision of adequate and regular feeding of your premature baby. The premature baby nurse provides awareness about nutrition under the following main topics during in-home support process.
    • Control of sucking, swallowing, breathing coordination and the things to be taken into consideration,
    • Teaching about breast milk and breastfeeding techniques,
    • The methods of feeding milk to the baby with a spoon or bottle, if breast milk is being obtained by a pump,
    • Formula preparation conditions,
    • Milk storage conditions,
    • Burping positions.

Maintains the premature baby’s body heat balance. Unlike babies born on time, the premature babies have lower body temperatures since their subcutaneous fat layers are not yet fully developed. Therefore, it is important to set the room temperature and choose the appropriate clothing for the protection of body temperature balance.

  • Bathing your baby is done in a hands-on manner with the participation of the family. The bathroom environment must be sterilized since premature babies have the weak immune systems. Since the respiratory tracts are more sensitive than normal babies, correct holding positions are important during washing.
  • This protects your baby against infection risks. Crowded home visit sessions by guests, kissing, smoking at home, etc. are inconvenient situations. The sensitivity of the subject and the things to be done must be explained to the individuals and all family relatives who pay visits. Your nurse will assist you regarding this matter until your premature baby’s immune system gets stronger.
  • It is important to apply other kangaroo care in premature baby care. You must strengthen the bond between you and the baby by making skin-to-skin contact. Studies have shown that the kangaroo care strengthens the bond between the parent and the baby, encourages breastfeeding, and improves the health of premature babies faster.
  • It also ensures that your baby develop sleeping pattern and gets adequate sleep. Within the scope of the research conducted by the World Health Organization, the better quality and uninterrupted sleep the baby sleeps in the first 3 years after the birth, the better its biological and individual development progress. This need is even more in premature babies since they get tired quickly. Premature babies need an average of 15-22 hours of sleep per day.
  • This provides your and your baby’s skin care. Premature babies’ skin is sensitive and delicate. Therefore, the baby nurse will tell you, in a hands-on manner, about how long it takes to wash, how to position the baby, which products will be used in which routines during general care.
  • It allows the mother to rest. The trouble that mothers experience during this period must not be underestimated. Long days spent in the neonatal intensive care unit may have exhausted the parents physically and emotionally and exposed them to postpartum depression. Getting enough rest, regular nutrition and exercising is important for you to cover the need of your premature baby for you as much as it is important for you.
How Can We Be of Assistance?

Do you need newborn or baby nurse support for yourself or a relative of yours?

    in-home premature baby care service

    How can I benefit from in-home premature baby care service?

    In case you make a request for service, our supervisor baby nurses will visit you free-of-charge at your location, inform you about premature baby care and take a load off your mind.

    Once you are discharged from the hospital after the visit, our licensed baby nurses who are experienced in Premature baby care & newborn will be by your side and your biggest supporter.

    For more information about our premature baby nursing services, you can visit our Bebaby website.

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