Special Service Packages

Special service packages comprise home care after by-pass surgery, bedsore care, BeBaby mother baby nursing and laboratory packages.

Special Service Packages

Special Service Packages

We created specific and sufficient-time packages by taking your needs into consideration in case of many diseases and situations. Our package services that include special services for you and aimed to make you feel safe have been prepared to produce the most suitable solutions for your needs and are designed according to your demands.

Through these packages, you have the opportunity to access our services together and at affordable prices. You can contribute to the creation of new service packages by communicating your suggestions and requests to us.

Bypass Package

Within the scope of special service packages, the Bypass package comprises the care support personnel service for the first 48 hours starting from the patient’s discharge. It is extremely important to get support from the professional nursing team of home care and health services within the first 48 hours after being discharged, both for the health of the patient and for the patient’s relatives to get used to the new living accommodation.

Bedsore Care

Once the degree of the wound is determined, the best-fit treatment for you is determined accordingly. A package is created for you in line with the specified treatment and care plan.

BeBaby Plus Pack

Our 2-full-days support you will receive with our BeBaby Plus Package, contains the special service packages that allow the mother to adapt to the baby during the difficult postnatal period, to gain the habit of breastfeeding and to rest.

Laboratory Packages

The laboratory packages consist of multiple packages and these packages include special service packages that involve the performance of various tests and the nutrition programs to be designed according to the test results, such as sportsman package, obesity package, diet – nutrition package, immunity package, fatigue and asthenia package.

How Can We Be of Assistance?

Choose one of the service packages you need and share it with us along with your contact information. We will contact you as soon as possible through our expert health care managers.

    Special Service Packages

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    Choose one of the special services packages for yourself or your relative, share it with us along with your contact information. Our competent health consultants will call you in the shortest time possible.

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