In-Home X-Ray Imaging

Did you know that you can receive X-Ray imaging service at home?

The “in-home x-ray imaging” is a system developed to meet the needs of patients whose treatment continues at home.

It is the process of performing the desired imaging procedure for the patient by means of mobile (portable) devices by expert radiology technicians.

Why is In-Home X-Ray Important?

Patients who continue their treatment at home may request “home x-ray service” to be performed by a physician regarding the disorders that may occur in any part of their body. The patients can handle this situation by going to a hospital or health institution, or can simply receive this service in the comfort of their home (living area) without going to the hospital.

Benefits of X-Ray Imaging for Patients and Patients’ Relatives

The ability to perform x-ray imaging at home provides some advantages for patients and their relatives.

  • Since the x-ray takes place at the patient’s home, exposure of the patient to a second trauma is prevented.
  • The time to be spent by the patient and his / her relatives for the procedure is prevented.
  • It also provides the comfort of the patient when the patient’s relatives receive this service from a reliable institution such as home care and health services.

The Manner of In-Home X-Ray Imaging

  • In line with the needs of the patient, if an x-ray imaging is requested by the attending physician, the patients’ relatives may request such service to be provided by contacting an institution that provides home care and health services.
  • The request for the in-home x-ray must be made by the attending physician. It must be indicated on the request form whether the requested x-ray will be a unidirectional or bidirectional radiography.
  • In-home imaging organization is planned together with Medical Center for the day and time during which the family is available.
  • The radiology technician stands ready at the patient’s home on the specified day and time. The technician sets up a mobile (portable) x-ray machine for the x-ray imaging.
  • The radiology technician prepares the patient by giving position according to the body part for which the x-ray imaging is prescribed.
  • Metals (such as underwire in bras), jewelry and accessories such as belts that may be on the patient are removed. The patient is put in a patient gown.
  • The service gets completed by the service technician within 1-3 min.
  • The x-ray can be viewed on the monitor and printed in a few minutes and delivered to the family. The result of the x-ray can be sent to the patient’s physician in digital environment by e-mail.
  • The reporting of the x-ray result is shared with the family within 2 days following the x-ray procedure by e-mail.
  • X-ray does not cause any trouble to the patient and it does not cause any pain.
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