Medical Center, rendering services since 2009 as a ?Home Health Care Center? licensed by the Ministry of Health, has embraced approximately 20,000 patients and their relatives up to the present. Medical Center, contributing to the improvement of the quality and standards of home health care services in our country, has adopted offering high quality and reliable health solutions to you and to the institutions as a principle. Medical Center, in the same breath, cares for involving in and supporting social responsibility projects.

Senior staff of Medical Center as well as service coordination team, human resources and health staff aim at rendering a solution oriented, high quality and sustainable service to everyone who are being provided with the service.

Also, paying respect to core values of the patients and their relatives, delivering practical solutions and creating satisfaction as we are practicing the necessities of modern medicine is our fundamental philosophy and approach.

Medical Center, rendering services since 2009 as a ?Home Care Center? licensed by the Ministry of Health is a health institution that provides families with in-home health, care and training services throughout Turkey. Our homecare center has embraced approximately 20.000 parents and their relatives until present day.

Dr. Tayyar Vardar

Doc. Tayyar Vardar

Managing Director

He got graduated from Kdz. Ere?li TED College High School in 1980 and from the Medical Faculty of Marmara University in 1997. He provided services in his own clinic in Yalova between 1997 and 2000. He took active part in providing medical support during the Marmara Earthquake in 1999.