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Medical Center has been rendering services since 2009 as a ‘Home Care Center’ licensed by the Ministry of Health.

“We want the best of everything for our loved ones. ...and we want the best we can do when they get sick or old.”
Tayyar Vardar


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Medical Center, rendering services since 2009 as a ‘Home Care Center’ licensed by the Ministry of Health is a health institution that provides families with in-home health, care and training services throughout Turkey.

Our homecare center has embraced approximately 80.000 patients and their relatives until present day.


We adopted offering high quality and reliable health solutions to families as a principle within the scope of Home Care and Health services.

We, as Medical Center, in the same breath, care for involving in and supporting social responsibility projects.


The institutions that are authorized to offer home care and health services are only the institutions that have certificate of compliance given by the Ministry of Health.

Medical Center Values

Caring, respect and success are the core values of Medical Center. Our core values remain in the center of everything we do.


Home Care and Health, above all, is a human relationship.

Human relationship requires caring and attaching value. And it requires making EFFORT, the most.

With this awareness and approach; we establish an emotional bond with our staff, patients, patient relatives and our solution partners, we listen to them and we attach value to them.

As a part of our job, we work by adding our emotions into our performance and aim to make a difference in every field we communicate.


A mutual respect environment lays in the foundation of Medical Center’s corporate culture.

Erich Fromm says “Respect exists only on the basis of freedom, love is the child of freedom”.

We are aware that your home is your private space and we respect the private spaces, lifestyles and independence of our patients and their families.

Each one of our employees is aware of the codes of conduct and they know that the way to success is to work, create value, care and respect.


Life coach and author Tony Robins says, “There is no abiding success without commitment.”

Our main goal is attaining success in the services provided by our Medical Center staff with a sense of commitment.

We invest in service quality, supervision and training of our employees for achieving our goal of success. Our employees are our greatest asset.

We believe that the training we planned and carried out for them will lead us to success in terms of the quality of service and care.

Are you looking for a first class home care center?

Managing Director Dr. Tayyar Vardar

He got graduated from Kdz. Ereğli TED College High School in 1980 and from the Medical Faculty of Marmara University in 1997.

He provided services in his own clinic in Yalova between 1997 and 2000.

He took active part in providing medical support during the Marmara Earthquake in 1999.

“We want the best of everything for our loved ones. …and we want the best we can do when they get sick or old.

Together with you, we are trying to find the best for your loved ones and to keep them alive.

We are aware of your wishes, expectations and concerns and we sincerely share them.

We are proud to serve tens of thousands of patients with our quality and patient satisfaction-oriented management staff having high communication skills and trustworthy, professional healthcare teams.

I would like you to know that it is the greatest happiness for us to see your loved ones clinging on to life again while we are performing all health and care services in comfort and peace during their difficult days.

As the Medical Center family, we are always with you in order for you to receive a service that adds peace to life and to be able to continue life safely and with love.“

When you consider getting home care service from Medical Center;

We are aware that it is difficult to let someone you do not know enter your home or private space.

You may be concerned about the competence, stance and compliance of the personnel who will perform the caregiving service (such as nurses, care support staff, physiotherapists). You may question their reliability.

These may all be the questions on your mind. As Medical Center, we have encountered various demands, needs and disease processes of 80,000 families we have served so far. We are aware that this situation is a new process for you.

Therefore, we take time for all your questions, concerns and worries and visit you at home.

If you need a qualified, professional home care services that will serve your loved ones with a sense of respect, love and compassion, we can help you regarding this matter.

Medical Center’s management staff, service coordination team, human resources and healthcare professionals consist of highly educated and competent persons in this field.

At the same time; our fundamental philosophy and approach is to respect the basic values ​​of patients and their relatives, to produce realistic solutions and to create satisfaction while fulfilling the requirements of modern medicine.

The Medical Center office answers your calls 24/7 in order for you to be able to submit your service requests, to ask all questions about your health and to get answers to your questions. You can get information about all our services from our care team at any time.

Finally, although home care and health services are planned services, Medical Center will not leave you unanswered for your urgent demands and needs either. We are at your side with our professional team in the hospital, at home and wherever your loved ones are.

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