Corporate Services

The objective of service (healthcare) packs intended for corporations is maximizing the motivation and performance of the employees by creating a healthy working environment.

Healthcare at Work

Healthcare at Work

Corporate Service Packs

Protecting and improving the health of executives and employees avoids business loss to a great extent.

Istanbul Medical Center has customized Healthcare at Work Service Packs in order to provide the employees of institutions such as hospitals, private sector, insurance companies, etc. with additional assurance. The employees are provided with the service in their working environments by planning target audience oriented programs in active cooperation with the institutions.
Efficient, rapid and high-class services are provided by means of the Health at Work Services to be customized for your institution and a permanent satisfaction is created by this way.

Istanbul Medical Center’s corporate service (healthcare) packs are customized and applied completely in accordance with the requirements of your institution.


Some of the Corporate Packs;

  • Unit Assistance Services
  • Training Services
  • Mother Infant Trainings
  • Alzheimer Trainings
  • First Aid Trainings
  • Infirmary Services

Infirmaries are the health units where the protective health services, training services and first aid services are planned, organized and applied. Infirmaries that render different types of healthcare services depending on where they are established provide important healthcare services in shopping malls, housing estates and schools.

The structures providing infirmary services are established in accordance with the sectorial differences, qualifications of the personnel to be employed or with the requests of the working place.

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    Shopping Center Infirmary Service

    The sections located in shopping malls in order to render infirmary services are mentioned as emergency medical intervention unit in Article 8 of the Regulations on Shopping Malls that is published in the Official Gazette No. 29636 dated 26.02.2016. The application, infrastructure and equipment required to be available in order to render infirmary services are determined as a requirement of that Article.

    The section intended for rendering infirmary service shall employ at least one emergency medical technician or emergency care technician in the shopping centers having a sales area smaller than twenty thousand square meters; at least one emergency medical technician and one emergency care technician or at least two emergency care technician in cases where emergency medical technicians are not available in the shopping centers having a sales area between twenty thousand square meters and fifty thousand square meters; at least one emergency medical technician and one emergency care technician in the shopping centers having a sales area between fifty thousand and one hundred thousand square meters; at least one medical care technician and one M.D. in the shopping centers having a sales area larger than one hundred square meters. (

    The infirmary service areas in the shopping malls render the services such as responding to the emergency cases regarding all personnel and visitors in the fastest and most effective manner, following the procedures of transfer to the closest and most suitable hospital if required and entering all applications to the protocol book. They share all statistics obtained with the administration and contribute to the healthcare trainings planned by the administration.

    School Infirmary

    School Infirmary Services

    The infirmary services in schools are the health units that provide the protective healthcare services along with first aid and emergency response services. Those units must have the capacity to perform effective observations, evaluations, planning and applications in the schools provided with the service.

    Housing Estate Infirmary Service

    Housing Estate Infirmary Service

    Housing Estate Infirmary Services are the health units where the nursing services are rendered, emergency medical responses are performed and the patient transfers are organized. Working conditions and principles and the scope of the service to be provided are determined by the decision to be made jointly with the administration.

    The units providing infirmary services are not the units related to occupational safety and occupational health.

    Infirmary services must not be organized by the non-health-institution companies such as Joint Health and Safety Units, organization companies and consultancy companies. The institution from which you consider receiving infirmary services must be licensed by the Ministry of Health and by the Directorate of Health in order for the provided services to be auditable.

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