In-Home Health Care Services

There are several ways of functioning in in-home patient care. In-Home Health Care Services

Purpose of In-Home Health Care Services

The purpose of home care  services is to support people who have health problems in their homes with safe living areas to regain their health. By means of the service that is provided within such period, it is aimed to minimize potential complications, to increase the quality of life by reducing the needs of the patient from his/her circle, and to reduce the costs compared to hospital treatments. In some cases, long-term maintenance or terminal services are provided.

How Does Work?

There are several ways of functioning in in-home patient care.

1- If the patient is hospitalized for any reason and then discharged after the patient’s medical needs are completed; a treatment plan is developed for home care services in accordance with the epicrisis (medical history of the patient) report to be given by the physician when the patient is discharged,

2- If the patient is directly a home patient; initially the needs of the patient are determined by means of a physician’s examination, then the necessary treatment plan gets prepared and supported with additional services.

Who Can Benefit From ?

In-home health  and care services is the service that is suitable for all age groups starting from neonatal period and which young and old alike who need support care and treatment can benefit from. In-home care and health services also offer short-term hourly periodic care or long-term care.

Conditions of Home Health Services, patient and disease groups for which the services are provided

♣ anyone who needs post-operative treatment and care,

 bedridden patients,

the elderly who need long-term care,

♣ patients with chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, etc.)

♣ COPD and similar respiratory system diseases,

♣ those who suffer from muscle diseases,

♣ neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s-dementia,

♣ terminal (advanced)  cancer treatments,

♣ those who suffer from acute diseases,

♣ the patients whose treatments continue at home following an intensive care period,

 the mothers who need postpartum maternity care,

the infants whose home care continue following neonatal intensive care unit,

♣ infant care in neonatal period,

♣ those who need short-term physician and nursing service,

♣ those who request laboratory, imaging workup and phjysiotherapy services.

What Does In-Home Health Care Services Do?

The application models of in-home health care services in Turkey and in the world are different. Let’s take a look at the details of home care services in Turkey and in the world.


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