Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at Home

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at Home

Our In-Home Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy is the name given to the treatment of patients in order to gain back the functional deficiency due to paralysis, injury, disease or advanced age.

Medical Center’s private physiotherapists provide Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at Home and rehabilitation services for your patient in various cases such as neurological diseases, orthopedic diseases, multiple traumas and issues due to advanced age.

In-home physiotherapy ensures a comfortable environment for the individuals to benefit from the services and a faster recovery. Besides it allows the patient’s relatives to participate in the rehabilitation process, as well.

Our Physiotherapy Services

  • General physiotherapy:

Our in-home physiotherapy services speeds up the recovery period of the patients in an efficient way in case of complaints such as loss of strength, loss of balance, joint movement restriction and chronic pain caused by Multiple Sclerosis , Hemiplegia (paralysis), Rheumatic Diseases (joint diseases), operation procedures (hip fracture, hip and knee prosthetics, herniated disc) and advanced age. Providing in-home physiotherapy in case of some special diseases such as Alzheimer’s is crucial in order to avoid traumatization of the patient.

  • Respiratory therapy:

Our senior respiratory therapists render services for the patients suffering from chronic respiratory tract diseases (COPD, Emphysema, Atelectasis) or from pulmonary infection. Medication and oxygen administration are carried out by means of special devices during the respiratory therapy.

  • Speech Therapy:

Our speech therapists provide assistance to your patients by means of exercises and special therapies for the treatment of speech or difficulties in swallowing caused by neurological diseases or psychological reasons.

  • Occupational Therapy:

Our occupational therapists provide assistance for your patients to improve their skills required for carrying out their daily living activities. A customized treatment plan is created in order to maximize the functional skills of patient as a result of the suggestion of your physician and the comprehensive evaluation by our senior therapist. Our therapist, while designing the treatment plan, will take into consideration the physical, psychological and social comfort of the patient as well as the environmental factors.

Occupational Therapy assists the patients to regain their daily skills in the following cases;

  • Joint pains in hands, arms or shoulders
  • Difficulties in dressing
  • Difficulties in bathing
  • Difficulties in eating
  • Dysmnesia.

Please feel free to call our institution in order to get in-home physiotherapy from our physiotherapists and to request our team to visit you.

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