In-Home Imaging

In-Home Imaging Service comprises the provision services of in-home x-ray, in-home ECG, in-home ECHO, in-home Holter connection operation and in-home ultrasound when transfer to a hospital or imaging center is not possible.

Imaging Service at Home

In-Home Imaging Process

Imaging Service at Home are being rendered by taking advantage of the latest technology. The services needed by the patients who are receiving in-home treatment, hard to move, bedridden, suffering from Alzheimer’s or paralysis and therefore not suitable for transferring to hospitals or imaging centers are provided in a rapid and comfortable manner.

This service is provided by Medical Center’s senior technicians upon request of your physician and/or you. Your results are shared with you and/or your patient’s physician within a short period of time (1 hour) in digital environment.

Who Can Benefit from In-Home Imaging Services?

  • In-Home X-Ray Service Patients who have had a traffic accident, fall or trauma, bedridden patients, patients who need control after hip surgery, patients with respiratory diseases such as pneumonia and COPD,
  • In-Home ECG: Patients with cardiologic problems, Bedridden patients,
  • In-Home ECHO: Patients with circulatory problems, Bedridden patients,
  • In-Home Ultrasound: All patients whose abdomen need to be evaluated.

Offering imaging services at home eliminates the hassle of transfer to the hospital and transportation costs for bedridden patients.

How Are Home Imaging Services Being Provided?

  • You need to know in detail which imaging service your physician requested for disease, injury or control purposes. E.g. It must be known whether the X-ray prescribed for your foot will be uni-directional or bi-directional?
  • When you call our call center by dialing +90 216 363 0 363, home care officials will book an appointment for you in the same day for in-home x-ray, ultrasound, ECG or ECHO.
  • Our technicians and/or physicians (ultrasound scans are performed by a radiologist physician, ECHOs are performed by our Cardiology physicians) go to the address with the relevant device on the day and time planned. The procedure is performed where the patient is located (in his bed).
  • All imaging services get completed in a period that is approximately 0-30 min.
  • ECG results are delivered to the patients and their relatives immediately, and X-ray, ultrasound and ECHO reports are prepared within 24 hours following the procedure.
  • The results are shared with the patient’s relatives and the patient’s physician on digital media.
How can we help you?

Choose one of the home x-ray, EKG, ECO, holter team and ultrasound services you need, share your contact information with us. Let us call you as soon as possible with our expert healthcare managers.

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    In-Home Imaging

    Which Imaging Service Would You Like To Receive?

    Choose one of our in-home x-ray, EKG, ECHO, holter connection and ultrasound services for yourself or to assist a relative and share your contact information with us. Our health training consultants will call you in the shortest time possible.

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