In-Home IV Drip

In-Home IV Drip shortens the hospital processes of the patients and saves time for the relatives of the patients.

In-Home IV Drip, which is among the nursing practices of the Medical Center home care center, enables patients who need intravenous medication or fluid therapy to receive this form of treatment in the comfort of their home.

The purpose in-home IV drip is to ensure that patients receive their complete care and treatment in a home environment without the need to go to the hospital. This shortens the hospital processes of the patients and saves time for the relatives of the patients.

What is In-Home IV Drip?

It is the process of administering the serum applications needed during the treatment of a disease directly into the vein through an intravenous (IV) catheter.

IV Drip procedures, which are frequently applied to hospitalized patients, are also applied according to the physician’s prescription in patients who continue their treatment at home or in outpatients.

Who Performs In-Home IV Drip?

This service is performed by expert and licensed home care nurses. These nurses, who are home health and care service employees licensed by the Ministry of Health, come home to perform the necessary application for the IV Drip procedure prescribed by the physician in accordance with their authorization.

Some Treatments That May Be Offered Under In-Home IV Drip Service:

  • In enteral and parenteral nutrition treatments of the patients who are not fed orally,
  • In electrolyte balance disorders due to diseases, when metabolic balance needs to be restored,
  • In antibiotic treatments applied in cases of infection,
  • In post-operative pain management situations,
  • In chemotherapy treatments,
  • In cardiac therapy situations, the service provision can be realized.
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    How Do I Benefit from the In-Home IV Drip Service?

    • Patients and/or their relatives request in-home IV Drip by calling the service line of the Medical Center home care center by dialing +90 216 363 0 363.
    • In order to meet your request, the Medical Center representative will ask you about your patient’s prescription, age, the number of days you request service and whether you have provided your medications. Treatments not prescribed by a physician will not be applied by us.
    • The appropriate day and time planning is made for the procedure.
    • A specialist home care nurse visits the patient at home together with the materials required for the in-home IV drip (the needle called a branule and the plastic cover on it, serum set, cotton, alcohol and adhesive plaster).
    • The nurse who comes home for serum insertion first informs the patients and their relatives about the process, measures and records the patient’s vital signs (fever, pulse, blood pressure), and fills the informed consent form.
    • She ensures that the environment is suitable for sterile conditions before performing the procedure. Afterwards, she establishes vascular access in accordance with the hygiene conditions.
    • After making sure that the vascular access is established correctly, she starts the drug/iv drip as prescribed by the physician.
    • When the IV treatment is completed, the nurse completes the treatment by removing the IV.
    • If the patient needs to be given IV again at certain intervals, the catheter in the patient’s arm is not removed. The home care nurse educates the patient/caregivers about the protection of the inserted catheter. Finally the nurse leaves the patient’s home.

    Improving your and your loved one’s living quality and comfort and providing unconditional patient satisfaction is the essential priority of the Medical Center’s home care nurses.

    You may contact us to get information about the private nurse service and fees or you may leave your contact information by filling out the “I want to receive this service” form.

    The Points to be Considered During In-Home IV Drip Service

    During the in-home IV and medication procedures, allergic reactions to the drug may develop in patients, whereas the specialist home care nurse is responsible for monitoring the changes in the patient’s condition and taking quick action when necessary.

    The matters that require attention;

    • It must be known whether the patient has an allergic reaction to the liquids and medication to be used.
    • Expiry dates must be checked before the medication and liquids are administered.
    • The home care nurse must know very well the manner in which the drug must be administered and care must be taken to avoid incorrect application.
    • It should be ensured that the vascular access is safe and stable.
    • If there is rash, swelling and pain on the vascular access, the vascular access must be changed immediately.
    • The nurse must not leave the home before the iv drip is completed.

    What are the Advantages of In-Home IV Drip?

    • It Is A Service That Increases The Quality Of Life For Patients And Their Relatives. Since it is applied in the patient’s home environment, it provides ease and comfort to the patient. It contributes to the quality of life.
    • It is Valuable in Day Planning and Time Saving. In today’s conditions, it prevents the effort and time to be spent by the patient’s relatives for the transfer of the patient.
    • It Is A Comfortable Application For the People Having Hospital And Needle Phobia. Hospital phobia is the common fear of many people. The patients drag their feet, especially when they know that a needle-related procedure will be performed. At this point, the patient is relieved to an extent since the application to be planned in the home environment will be done in the patient’s safe area.
    • The Infection Risk of the Patient is Reduced. It is important for the patient to stay away from new infections that may develop. With the in-home application, the infections that may develop in a hospital or center are prevented.
    • In-Home IV Drip Provides Ethical and Reliable Service. It is essential for all services provided by the Medical Center Home Care and Health Services Team to be carried out within the framework of ethical rules and in the light of scientific facts. Therefore, the service to be provided by specialist home care nurses is a safe and protective service for the patient.

    In-Home IV Drip Fee

    In-Home IV Drip fee is a more economical option for patients who have difficulties in going to the hospital or who receive inpatient treatment at home.

    When comparing the costs by considering repeated hospital visits and patient transfers to a center, the amount to be paid for home healthcare services becomes a service that is acceptable and sustainable by family relatives.

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