In-Home Physician

In-home physician service can be requested for acute illnesses, as well as for the follow-up of individuals with chronic (long-term) illnesses.

Our physicians continue their follow-up processes after the examination in Diabetes, COPD, Alzheimer’s, Hypertension and Oncologic diseases. Following the in-home physician service, you can be in constant contact with our physician. Then, you can have your patient treated and followed-up at home without the need to go to the hospital.

If the Medical Center physicians deem necessary, they may perform the examination together with a nurse in order to perform IV therapy, injection, bloodletting procedures at home.

Within the scope of home health and care services, laboratory, x-ray and post-examination nurse treatments can be provided at home, as well as in-home physician service. Thus, the patients and their relatives are provided with a holistic service and the need to go to the hospital is eliminated.

Branches within the Scope of In-Home Physician Service;

Internal Medicine (Internal Diseases)

In-Home Internal Medicine (Internal Diseases) Examination: It is the department that performs examinations for diabetes, hypertension, liver diseases, digestive system (stomach and intestines) diseases, infection and hormonal diseases.

Following the history and detailed examination of the patient, the necessary analysis, examination and imaging procedures are performed and accordingly the diagnosis is made and the most appropriate treatment plan is prepared for the patient.


In-Home Cardiology Examination: It is the department that provides services regarding the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up processes of heart diseases. Along with the cardiology examination, in-home ECHO screening, doing the ECG and Holter procedures are also performed and evaluated by competent cardiologists.

Chest Diseases Specialist

In-Home Chest Diseases Examination: It is the department that provides services regarding the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that cause complaints such as chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, respiratory distress such as asthma, coughing, fatigue etc.


In-Home Neurology Examination: Neurological examination is performed in many complaints such as paralysis, advanced brain disease or dotage, Alzheimer’s, dementia diseases and dysmnesia, dizziness, loss of balance, pain in limbs, numbness, loss of sensation, etc. In cases where you cannot get your patient out of the house or in case of behavioral disorders, you should get support from neurologists.

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    In-Home Oncology Examination:  Being followed by a competent oncology physician is a service that allows the patient to get through this process more comfortably. In-home processes of terminal period (end of life) oncology patients are very slow.  This service, which facilitates this tough process experienced by the patients’ relatives, also provides confidence to the relatives.

    Intensive Care Specialist

    In-Home Anesthesia, Intensive Care Physician Examination: Interventional procedures that can be carried out at home are performed by competent intensive care physicians. In-home PEG (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastronomy) replacement, in-home tracheostomy cannula replacement, nasogastric tube placement are some of the procedures performed by competent intensive care physicians.


    In-Home Dermatology (Skin) Examination: You can benefit from the in-home physician service for the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases such as skin diseases, allergic reactions, rheumatic diseases, bedsores.


    In-Home Orthopedic Examination: You can get orthopedic examination services in all traumas that cause damages on bones and joints arising from the problems such as falls, bumps and sprains at home. Besides, in-home orthopedic examination is performed in cases of degenerative disorders in the joints due to old age or chronic diseases, unconscious fractures due to bone resorption, particularly in women, and all suspicious musculoskeletal disorders that reduce physical capacity and disrupt life comfort. Imaging services, which bear importance in diagnosis, are performed in the environment of your home, if necessary.


    In-Home Psychiatric Examination: These are the services scheduled for the evaluation of patients with mental and nervous diseases, the regulation of their medications, the application and follow-up of necessary treatments.

    Other In-Home Physician Services

    Advantages of In-Home Physician Services

    In-Home Physician service is provided in the environments wherever your patient is, such as at home, at work or at a hotel.

    In-Home Physician service enables you and your patient to receive a comprehensive examination service in the comfort of your home.

    Conducting the physician’s examination at home also reduces the stress on the patient and family members. After long researches, it has been shown that the examination and treatment in a home environment heals the patient more quickly. It has also been shown that in-home treatment process reduces stress and increases the efficiency of patient follow-ups afterwards.

    Within the scope of Covid 19 measures; Our physicians and nurses, who come home for in-home physician service provide the service by taking necessary measures. Home care centers are the healthcare institutions having the lowest risk probability compared to hospitals.

    In-Home Physician Service Prices

    In-home physician service prices vary depending on the degree of our branch physicians (professors, associate professors, experts, etc.) and the interventional procedures to be performed.

    Patients with private health insurance can benefit from in-home physician services free of charge within the scope of their policy coverage. It is important to consult with your agency about whether your policy covers home healthcare services.

    You can call Medical Center and get information about the prices of in-home physician services. You can get more information about our physicians or make a request for our services.

    Which Physician Service Would You Like To Receive?

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