In-Home Physician Service

In-home physician services offer the opportunity to house call a physician, in-home examination, diagnosis and treatment in cases where you cannot go to the hospital.

In-Home Physician Service

By means of the in-home physician services, competent physicians from all branches examine your patient at their location, and make all evaluations for the purpose of your patient’s diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. Our home care physicians and nurses will guide you throughout your requests for in-home physician services, whenever you cannot decide which branch you need.

What is In-Home Physician Service?

It is the provision of the examination service at the patient’s home. In-home physician service is provided upon the patient’s relatives’ request by organizing the respective branch physicians to be assigned for in-home examinations. If you are not sure about from which branch physicians you should get service, our home care physicians will guide you regarding this matter.

Our physicians who are specialized in internal medicine, neurology, cardiology, dermatology, oncology and many other branches provide in-home physician services.

In-Home Physician Service

The physician who visits the house may request blood tests if necessary and a treatment schedule is established according to the test and examination results.

  • You can call in a physician for in-home physician services, examinations and treatments intended for your elderly, bedridden or homebound patient, keep your loved ones away from the hospital environment and benefit from all health services offered at the hospital in a home environment.
  • All you need to do is ask for support from Medical Center. Our home care team answering your call will inform you about which branch physician should be assigned and establish a schedule for the appropriate day and time.
  • After the in-home physician services, all applications such as blood tests, imaging services (such as x-ray, ultrasound) and interventional nursing services (such as IV, injection, dressing) are carried out in the comfort of your home and in a short time without going to the hospital.
Who Should Receive In-Home Physician Services

Who Should Receive In-Home Physician Services?

  • There is no age limit for in-home physician services. Anyone who is not willing to go to a hospital or a health center can benefit from in-home physician services. In-home physician services can be provided in line with the requirements of patients who continue their in-home treatment particularly after and intensive care period as well as of bedridden patients or elderly individuals. An examination by a physician can also be organized for the patients with Diabetes, Hypertension, COPD, Alzheimer’s and Cancer.
  • In-home physician services are not limited to examination only. Many physicians also perform interventional procedures such as in-home wound treatment, tracheostomy cannula replacement, nasogastric catheter replacement, PEG tube replacement, and ear washing.
How can we help?

Choose the doctor service you need, share it with us with your contact information. Let us call you as soon as possible with our expert healthcare managers.

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    How to Receive In-Home Physician Services?

    Patient’s relatives may request services by calling Medical Center for the physician services. Following the interviews, it is clarified which branch physician will visit the respective home according to the requirements of the patient. The day/time that is suitable for the family is determined and a physician pays a visit to the respective home.

    What is the Scope of In-Home Physician Services

    What is the Scope of In-Home Physician Services?

    The treatment requirements are determined following the examination by the physician called in. If necessary, the support of a different branch physician can be obtained. Drug therapy can be initiated according to the medical plan made by the physician, and required support can be obtained from laboratory or radiological imaging methods.

    You can be in constant communication with the physician during the post-examination period. Your physician will perform a follow-up examination, if deems necessary.

    What are the Advantages of In-Home Physician Services?

    1. It is ensured that the patient can receive physician services in a home environment which has a safe area, without the need to visit the hospital.
    2. It is ensured that the blood tests, the imaging services such as ultrasound, x-ray or the nursing applications (IV, injection, dressing, etc.) that the physician may require can be organized and concluded in a short time at home.
    3. No extra costs other than the physician’s fee occur for patient transfer purposes (ambulance organization).
    Physician Examination Services

    In-Home Physician Examination Services

    We provide our in-home physician examination services with our branch physicians listed below. Our branch physicians consist of Professors, Associate Professors and Expert staff.

    • In-Home Internal Diseases Examination
    • In-Home Cardiology Examination
    • In-Home Chest Diseases Examination
    • In-Home Neurology Examination
    • In-Home Physiotherapy Examination
    • In-Home Anesthesia, Intensive Care Physician Examination
    • In-Home Dermatology (Skin) Examination
    • In-Home General Surgery Examination
    • In-Home Orthopedics Examination
    • In-Home Oncology Examination and Follow-Up

    You could ask for a doctor near me or a dermatologist near me or an orthopedist near me or a gastroenterologist near me. We are next to you at your home whenever you want

    Which Doctor Service Would You Like To Get?

    Choose one of the home doctor services for your needs or a relative, share it with us with your contact information. Let our health education consultants call you as soon as possible.

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