In Home Sleep Apnea Test

It is the process of performing a sleep test with the Home Sleep Test (Polysomnography) in the comfort of the patient’s own home, in his own bed.

Sleep Apnea Test at Home

What is Sleep Apnea Study (PSG – PolysomnographySleep apnea study is the name of a test or study that is carried out when an individual is fully asleep. When you are asleep, the information about your sleeping status are recorded and the sleep disorders are defined, if any. Your physician evaluates your brain waves, oxygen level in your blood, heart rates and respiratory rate. Sleep has two stages. Sleep Apnea Test at Home

  • REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep
  • Non-REM sleep

Brain activity is rather high during the REM sleep. Only the eye and respiratory muscles are active. This is the stage during which we dream.

Non-REM sleep process is the stage during which the brain activity slows down. A person without a sleep disorder passes from Non-REM sleep to REM sleep in every 90 minutes and goes through approximately 4-6 sleep cycles.

Monitoring the sleep cycles helps to define the potential problems in your regular sleep pattern by considering the reactions of your body against the changes in those cycles.

In which cases the sleep apnea study must be carried out?

Sleep apnea study is used for evaluating the findings of sleep apnea and diagnosing the sleep disorders. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by pauses in breathing during the sleep. The symptoms are;

  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Loud and continuous snoring
  • Breath holding periods and dyspnea during sleep
  • Non-relaxing sleep
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    Sleep test is used for diagnosing some other sleep disorders as well.

    • Narcolepsy (deep sleep attacks during daytime)
    • Fainting due to sleepiness (seizure)
    • Witmaack-Ekboom’s Syndrome (Restless Legs Syndrome)
    • Chronic sleep withdrawal (sleep-onset insomnia)
    • REM sleep behavior disorders (sleepwalking)

    National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute makes warnings regarding the fact that non-treated sleep disorders increase the risk of heart attacks, hypertension and paralysis.

    How to Carry Out Sleep Apnea Test?

    Sleep studies can be carried out at the sleep laboratories of hospitals while they can also be carried out by Medical Center’s experienced team at your home rapidly in a comfortable and high quality manner.

    • Medical Center’s sleep study technicians appear at your home on the date and at the time planned for you.
    • The technician places the electrodes of the recording devices on your head, chest and legs. Electrodes are the tiny sensors applied on your skin that do not cause any discomfort during your sleep.
    • The recording device is fetched from your home by our team at the end of the procedure.
    • The recorded brainwaves, heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, oxygen level in blood, body positions, sleep patterns, limb movements, snoring, apnea attacjs are evaluated by the physician.

    Your sleep study report is shared with you within two days.

    What to Do Before a Sleep Study

    • Beverages containing alcohol and caffeine must be avoided on the date of study
    • Tranquilizers and stimulants must be avoided
    • It is suggested for the male patients to shave in order to provide better sensitivity of electrodes.
    • Regular medications do not affect the results of study negatively
    • The patients who have pacemakers can also have the sleep study done
    • Minimum 4 hours of sleep is enough to obtain effective and accurate results from the sleep study

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