Medical Device Rental and Sales

Renting and sales of all types of medical devices that may be necessary during the in-home treatment process of your patient are being provided by our trained and experienced technical teams.

Medical Devices Sales and Rental Services

Medical Center team will assist you when you are making a decision about what the most accurate option would be for your medical device renting or buying needs.

Devices that are rented or sold are delivered to your home by our trained and experienced technical team. And the maintenance and calibration of all medical devices are done at regular intervals.

If you need to use the medical device within a certain period of time, making a purchase is not required. You can discuss this process with your physician and make a decision in line with his instructions.

If you have a chronic bedridden patient, it may be better to purchase the intended device as a long-term use may be required.

The Points to be Considered During Medical Device Rental and Sales:

If you want to make your purchases free-of-charge within the scope of SSI, a report must be issued by the hospital before the patient is discharged.

In line with the issued report, you may obtain the relevant medical device free-of-charge from contracted medical companies.

How can we help you?

Choose the medical device you need, share it with us with your contact information. Let us call you as soon as possible with our expert healthcare managers.

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    Some of the Medical Devices We Provide Rental and Sales Services are:

    • Aspiration device
    • Bed-side monitor
    • IV, Enteral feeding pumps
    • Sickbeds (manual, electric operated)
    • Airbed
    • Commode (toilet chair)
    • Nebulization devices (humidification and medication applications)
    • Oxygenation equipment
    • Oxygen concentrators
    • Pulse oximeters
    • Respiratory equipment
    • Sphygmomanometers, thermometers
    • Wheelchairs
    • Walkers
    • IV holders
    • Breast milk pumps

    All types of consumables being used for in-home caregiving In many cases, renting the medical devices instead of buying them may reduce the costs.

    Medical Devices Subject to Rental and Sales

    Concentrator Device Rental

    Concentrator is a device that provides continuous oxygen support, which must be used temporarily and sometimes permanently in cases of shortness of breath, asthma, COPD, pneumonia. Concentrator devices filter and clean the oxygen in the air and provide the patient with highly pure oxygen. The oxygen concentrator operates with electricity. For this reason, the patients who need continuous oxygen support must definitely have 2 spare oxygen cylinders available in case of a possible power failure. Filters of oxygen concentrators must be changed once in every 6 months.

    Pulse Oximeter

    Pulse oximeter is a device that measures the oxygen level in the blood. It is a device that patients who have shortness of breath using an oxygen concentrator or an oxygen tube must definitely have available with them. With this device, you can measure the oxygen level in your blood and evaluate your need for oxygen. Pulse oximeter is a device that can be rented or sold. It is recommended to purchase one since it is not a high cost device.

    Sickbed Rental

    Depending on the condition of your patient, you can choose a sickbed for rent or for sale. If you need to use the bed for a certain period of time after the surgery, it will be convenient to rent it, and to purchase it if you expect to use the bed for a long time for your bedridden patient. There are 4 (four) different types of sickbeds. These are 2-engine sickbeds, 3-engine patient beds, 4-engine patient beds and hospital type sickbeds. In case of renting a sickbed, the serum hanger and sickbed are sent together.

    Airbed Rental

    What is an airbed used for? Airbed is a medical device used to prevent bed sores in bedridden patients. Choosing the right airbed is important to prevent bed sores. Researches have revealed that the airbeds with diamond pattern are not effective, whereas tubular airbeds have been suggested instead. Even if an airbed is used in patients who are constantly bedridden, the patient must be given a position once in every 2 hours.

    For Which Medical Device Would You Like To Get Information?

    Choose one of the medical devices you need and share it with us along with your contact information. We will contact you as soon as possible through our health consultants.

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